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Friday, September 16, 2011

mayhem in the bike shop

here's another crazy story (and video) from Orange County, SoCal, via SFGate:

Cadillac plows through Rock N' Road Cyclery

and because it's friday, no one died in the accident, and i happen to like the name of the shop... let's get some rock bumpin' and get a witness on the vid.

this one gets the ABANDON YOUR CAR "holy carpe" near-miss special award for the year. check out the woman standing at the counter; her hair is blown in the wind as the Caddy roars past and slams into the wall at the back of the store.

the ol' "misapplication of the brake" was the culprit again, it seems.

the carnage once again highlights the dangers of the automobile when piloted by individuals who are not qualified to drive. i have always maintained that it is far too easy in this country to get a driver's license (and keep it) and far too difficult to have driving priveleges revoked, even after multiple DUI's and/or other infractions are accumulated.

feel free to discuss, and be sure to watch your back whenever you are out there riding on the roads, trails, or even while shopping your friendly LBS, for that matter.

have a great (and safe) weekend of riding.

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