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Friday, May 22, 2009

Steamboat Springs Town Challenge schedule 2009

here's the link to the official page:


Marabou Ranch is opening their trails to the public the day before the Town Challenge opener. as far as i know, these two days represent (at this point) the only two opportunities for the masses to ride/race on their trail system. the article in the Steamboat Pilot seems to indicate that there may possibly be additional opportunities for cycling there in the future.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

evening ride for Wednesday, May 20 2009

just a short, easy out and back on C.R. 25. it was kind of windy and the temperature dropped about 8 degrees while we were out. the point is, though, that we were out there riding and enjoying it... only saw one car the whole time. i really love this time of year. the color of the new aspen leaves is so fresh and the evening light casts a beautiful contrast between the green foliage and the snow on the mountains.
i call the time between closing day at the ski mountain and Memorial Day weekend "the 6 best weeks of the year" and i feel that this image captures that idea pretty well. there is no one else around and the riding conditions are nothing but superb.

county trash pick-up day 2009

rolling up the signage and heading for home.

this volunteer learned that the average litterbug usually throws an empty beer can or bottle out the window. on this highway, the favorite road beverages seem to be primarily from Budweiser or Coors. go figure.

4 hours to clean up a 2 mile stretch of S.H. 131 makes for a long, hot day of hard work.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

rider down- Ironman winner Dave Scott

these are always the worst stories to see in the news... fortunately Dave is relatively unhurt (taking all things into consideration) and will recover after being taken out by an elderly driver pulling an illegal U-turn. read the full story in the Boulder Daily Camera:


be sure to peruse the reader comments at the bottom of the article (strictly for entertainment purposes).

i'm taking bets right now that the driver will trot out the ol' "i didn't even see him" defense. just wait, i know it's coming.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

ride for Sunday, May 17 2009

same ride as two weeks ago when it was snow and rain like Belgium- except we probably have more wind here in Routt county...

Oak Creek-Hayden-Steamboat loop, 110 kilometers

sharp st left onto S.H. 131>

left on C.R. 27 (20 mile road) to Hayden>

right onto U.S. 40 to Steamboat Springs>

right on Shield Drive to 13th st.>

left on 13th, proceed to Yampa core trail to Yampa st.>

right at 5th st.>

left onto River Road to C.R. 22>

left on C.R. 22 to S.H. 131>

right onto S.H. 131 to C.R. 18>

left onto C.R. 18 to locked gate>

proceed through locked gate and up C.R. 18 (dirt section, approximately 5 kilometers)>

left onto C.R. 14 to S.H. 131>

right to Oak Creek

see you at 10 A.M.

Friday, May 15, 2009

county trash pick-up day- Saturday May 16

the county has put out the call for roadside cleanup volunteers this Saturday. in conjunction with the greater county-wide efforts, SRV will be doing our Adopt-a-Highway section on a 2 mile stretch of S.H. 131 just north of Oak Creek. local cycling community volunteers are invited to help out. meet at South Routt Velosport, 208 s. sharp st. in OC this Saturday morning May 16 prior to the 8:00 a.m. departure time. bring some water, gloves and sunscreen. thanks in advance and see you there!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

recent images from Fruita

some evening singletrack and red rock
horsethief bench singletrack aboard the 650b wheeled Eriksen

the 650b wheeled Eriksen w/5 inches of travel plushness.

there is much confidence in knowing that one is piloting a 650b wheeled Eriksen with 5 inches of travel while negotiating the crux move.

this is the definition of "buff singletrack"

the Sierra Club classifies mountain biking as a "violent speed experience" . bring it, i say...

beautiful scenery along the Colorado river

clinging to the side of a cliff, 30 meters off the ground.

lots of flowers this year

green collared lizards in combat ritual, deciding which one will rule the world of the moss covered rock.

ladies and gentlemen; we have a winner (see the vanquished retreating, left center)

it is good to be the king. long live the king.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

evening ride for Cinco de Mayo 2009

busted out to Fruita this afternoon for a quick overnighter. more friends arriving tomorrow. did an evening ride on horsethief/mary's, which is usually done in the morning due to the heat. i don't recall the last time 81 degrees felt so good on a ride. it was awesome to see the river and all of the greenery contrasting with the sky and sandstone in very different light. the singletrack was buff as usual.
so nice.

Ride for Tuesday, May 5, 2009

roll out from Orange Peel bike Service in Steamboat Springs @ 5:30 p.m.

route will be discussed prior to the ride.

everyone is welcome, road bike is strongly recommended.

i will be in Fruita on Tuesday & Wednesday for a short trip to somewhere warm. see you next Tuesday, or on Sunday for the South Routt Velosport ride (10:00 a.m.).

another tough guy motorist

this article demonstrates just how crazy things can get out there on the roads. mix one part road rage and a grandiose sense of entitlement, one part a rolling, 2-ton murder weapon, and one part hand-held murder weapon (gun) and this is what you sometimes get:

(from the Boulder Daily Camera)

i just love how the assailant attempts to justify his felonious menacing by alleging that the cyclist "spit at him"... the default solution being to pull a gun and take it from there. never mind that the jackass motorist was passing with oncoming traffic and went so far as to turn around to further harass/intimidate/threaten a legitimate user of our public roads. this guy has no business owning a gun or driving a car. i hope he gets locked away in the slammer for a long, long time- but i'm going to predict that he will get off pretty easy because it was a cyclist that made him mad enough to do something so violent and stupid in the first place.
before i moved away from Boulder county about 10 years ago, i was nearly at the point of carrying a loaded gun myself... every time i rode my bike. there are way too many raging haters out there that take a perverse pleasure in threatening and assaulting cyclists from the relative "safety" of their steel and glass cages. fortunately, i realized that being part of a solution meant that i didn't take part in the problem.
but i still wonder, to this day, why the haters don't just pull over, turn off the car, put down the gun and step out for a round of the ol' fashioned dosey-do.
probably for the same reason that they wouldn't get out of the car at Yellowstone when they are baiting the bears, either, is my guess.