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Monday, August 31, 2009

steamboat springs stage race 2009

here's an exciting event in its's first year, right here in Routt county. four, that's right, four days of ACA sanctioned road racing

please see the official race website for details. be sure to volunteer if possible or just turn out to support your favorite local riders.

steamboat springs town challenge race series finale 2009

here's the race results from mt. werner:


Place Name City Bib No Age Overall Time
1 Dave Fisher 518 46 46:49
2 Danny Armstrong 517 27 47:23
3 Ben Clark 406 50:40
4 Jp Pougiales 218 52:14


Place Name City Bib No Age Overall Time
1 Jennifer Sliney 725 44 28:07
2 Heidi Nunninkoven 315 47 30:14
3 Heather Craigen 313 39 33:17
4 Lane Malone 308 45 36:33

here's how the season overall tallied for the South Routt Velosport racing team:

2009 Men's Singlespeed

Dave Fisher 120
JP Pougailes 92
Jonthan Wheby 56
Ben Clark 49
Dereck Fish 33
Danny Armstrong 17
Clint Ball 15
Kevin Kopischke 11

2009 Novice Women 35+

Jennifer Sliney 117
Heather Craigen 92
Heidi Nunninkoven 92
Lane Malone 78
Kelly Stamp 20
Lisa Owen 20
Julie Hagenbuch 19
Kim Hornsby 15
Karen Goedert 13
kelly McCreary 13
Jenn Warren 11

Thursday, August 20, 2009

race results: wednesday night worlds

this was the second-to-last Steamboat Springs Town Challenge race for 2009. perfect warm and sunny late summer weather for the 17.7 kilometer (11 miles) sprint up an 1100 meter (3600+ feet) climb.
the road above Dry Lake campground was pretty rough, to say the least. there was also a good bit of wind, so there was no new record time for the event this year.

on the way up i was working with Jon Freckleton and Jamie Morgan, riding a good tempo and pulling away form a lot of chasers. Jamie was dropping off the pace right about when Jennifer took this photo (about half way up). both of those guys were on geared bikes, so i struggled to hang on for the flat and downhill sections but still managed to contribute to the pacemaking on the steeper parts.
i finished in 1:09:16, 10th overall, 1st men's singlspeed.

rolling down the hill with a fellow competitor after the race. there's not nearly as many opportunities to take in the view while going the other direction.

turned around to talk to my beautiful soigneur, Jen, for a few moments before continuing the fast descent to the valley floor. nice image, i thought i would put this one up as well.
here's some additional race coverage and photos from the local newspaper.
artsy photos in this post by Jen

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

crop report & 95th annual Routt County Fair results 2009

front of the house and some of the garden about 6 weeks ago.

things are really happening in the garden right now, lots of the veggies are reaching full ripeness while a few others need some more time. that isn't such a great thing, given the 52 frost-free growing days per season here in zone 3 are pretty much over for this year.

it's not exactly that Mediterranean climate that i love so much , as one would expect to find in Provence or coastal California.

nonetheless, we have managed to get rid of a big patch of lawn in the front yard and put some food on the table at the same time. at some point along the way, i decided that i was going to enter some of our 100% organic* produce in the 95th annual Routt County Fair, held at the beginning of august of this year.

some might think it would be foolish for a city boy to step up with the old-timers and compete in this seriously hardcore agricultural region... especially in only the 2nd year of the garden project. they would probably be right.

anyway, here's what the judges awarded:

from top left: Jen's single color sweet pea flowers grabbed numerous palmares including 1st Premium (blue), Champion, and last but not least Grand Champion. her 3 color mix took 1st Premium and Champion as well. oregano 1st Premium, opal basil 1st Premium, Thai basil Champion, dried sweet pea entries with their ribbons, yukon gold potatoes 1st premium and Champion, hot Thai peppers 2nd Premium, and last but not least, the garlic. that took 1st Premium, Champion, and Grand Champion which along with the points scored by the peppers, vaulted my entries to Grand Champion of Division C.
(some of the herbs and flowers look a bit tattered because they have been cut for almost a week now. just sayin').

that made me pretty happy, to say the least. it was even better than helping judge the cookie and brownie entries. i had to do a 4 hour ride afterward just to work of all the excess butter-fat calories and big, sufferin' glycemic spike.

read more about that event here, if ya haven't already. (scroll down past all of the cutesy stuff)

*DISCLAIMER: Jen's Grand Champion, prize-winning sweet pea flowers are juiced to the gills. all of the edible stuff is 100% organic goodness.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

race results: wednesday night worlds

this report is being posted a bit after the fact; the race actually took place last wednesday. here's a brief summary of results for the South Routt Velosport racing team:

Women’s Novice 35+
1. Jennifer Sliney, 36:01
2. Heidi Nunninkoven, 41:52
3. Lane Malone, 44:08

as you all can see, Jennifer schooled 'em again. here's how things sorted out in the men's singlespeed division:

Men’s Single speed
1. Dave Fisher, 1:03:11
2. Ben Clark, 1:05:34
3. JP Pougiales, 1:06:37

after the race, Fisher was quoted as saying: "i had good sensations in my legs, plenty of souplesse and held off other riders on the downhill to finish high in the overall classification. i didn't puncture this time... that really helped as well"

here's the story as told by the local fishwrapper. be sure to scroll waaaay down past the kids 7 to 12 division or you may just miss the results for the singlespeed categories.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

pro tour stage racing in colorado

after the texan won the Colorado state championship in Snowmass last saturday, he made a peace offering of sorts by meeting with Gov. Bill Ritter. the discussion was focused on the possible revival of a Red Zinger type of stage race right here in the square state. now, how cool would that be?

here's the story from Velonews

Sunday, August 2, 2009

very skinny, indeed

Andy Schleck, that is. that's what Paul Sherwen said about Andy while commentating with Phil Liggett during one of this year's Tour de France stages, that "he might look big in photos or on the television, but i can assure you that he's very skinny, indeed."

definitely one of the best comments from this year's Tour.

during saturday's Classica San Sebastian in Spain, Andy went off the road and crashed- quite a ways down a hillside. now it appears that his participation in the Vuelta a Espana has been ruined. i would be surprised if he is able to race again until the Giro di Lombardia.
crashing sucks. crashing sucks even worse when you get hurt while at the top of the game. at least he's still young and fit and was still able to get back on the bike for a few kilometers before (sensibly) abandoning.
he wasn't the only one to crash out, by the way.