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Monday, June 7, 2010

bike month

the month of June has been designated "Bike Month" by the folks over at CDOT

here at ABANDON YOUR CAR, we think that's awesome. when the state of Colorado gets behind any initiative to promote alternative transportation and a healthy lifestyle, we're all for it. we would also like to take this opporunity to once again encourage everyone to do what they can to move away from the car-centric culture and all of its pitfalls.

the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first turn of the pedal.

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images

we know all too well what continuing down the same path will bring. here's some additional motivation:

wildlife images at SFGate.com

an essay and some more images, timely and relevant. make yourself read and look. do it.


  1. This oil spill is absolutely tragic. I'm not trying to sound like a super liberal, branch-cutting hippy, but the loss in wildlife is going to be immense, and that's absolutely a tragic fact.

    Also, the local economies in harbor towns are probably going to suffer immensely as well. I hope they can resolve this leak!

  2. I assure you every right wing, ultra-conservative and teabagger out there knows that what you are saying is absolutely true (except that one freakshow from Texas and he can kiss BP's A** til the cows come home).
    The environmental disaster is tragic, the economic disaster a little hard to even fathom. Do we really expect big business to take care of the rest of us?
    Now is a good time to recommit to freeing ourselves just a little from our oil addiction. Abandon yer car fer awhile and pedal downtown, to school, out to dinner.