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Monday, January 25, 2010

a song to get stuck in your head

being that we (many of us, at least) are full-on into the winter training season and riding the long, cold, lonely miles that are the investment in our summer performance, while listening to the iPods or similar motivational devices... or rocking out on the rollers if it's too crappy to ride outdoors- here's a video for ya that features some good, monotonous hardstyle 'lectronic beats to help keep the tempo.
better this than some worn out rock anthem getting stuck on an endless loop in the brain, i say.

so, without further adieu, here it is. bump up the volume, G.


  1. The music was indeed something that would get stuck in someone's head. Did you watch the video, though? Fuzzy film reels and images "No, I swear these weren't edited!" =D

  2. heyyyy now, that stuff is fo' real. just becaue a lot of it was filmed prior to the digital age doesn't mean that it carries any less cred today. at least one of the clips is from NASA, too

    my fave is the Bulgarian UFO @ 1:03