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Friday, June 26, 2009

pop-culture tribute for friday

having learned yesterday of the passing of two pop-culture icons, Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, it gave me pause and an opportunity to reflect back on the good ol' days for a while. a lot of good things came out of the 70's... customized vans, disco music, polyester shirts, cheesy tee vee shows, micro-wave ovens and Jiffy-Pop and feathered hair doos to name a few. my favorite 70's inventions were bmx bikes and the 2nd wave of skateboarding (urethane wheels, quality decks and hardware, skateparks, etc.). while i never much cared for the music of the Jackson 5, or Michael's stuff that he put out when he finally ditched his abusive father/manager and struck out on his own, i will never forget the first time i cast my gaze upon that famous poster of Farrah in the red swimsuit... to a bug-eyed 13 year old she seemed too beautiful to be real. she probably was. i also knew that the only opportunities i would have for gawking at that poster would be over at my friend's house; there was no way in hell that my mom would be letting me have that thing hanging on the wall in my bedroom. anyway, here's the AYC tribute to those two who so profoundly influenced pop-culture and changed the way the rest of the world viewed the U.S., for better or for worse. thanks to both and rest in peace.

i'm not really sure what's going on this image- she doesn't look like she's actually dressed to go out and suffer on a 5 hour training ride. the shoes are ridiculous at best and the bike doesn't seem to be much more than a prop. what exactly is being sold here?

Farrah rockin' some good form on an old school skateboard- looks like a Logan or a Sims with Tracker half-tracks. love those vintage Nikes, too. this image has a lot more credibility than the one above- she actually looks like she might be able to skate better than she bikes. at least she dressed sensibly this time...

Michael's all time best seller album Thriller served notice that things were definitely tilting heavily towards the realm of the bizarre... yo, wassup supa freak?

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