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Monday, November 3, 2014

*a local trail building organization*

it is with some regret (but not too much) that we are withdrawing our support from *a local trail building organization* due to their president's public endorsement of a right-wing candidate for Colorado state house of Representatives. the *a local trail building organization* is claiming that the candidate is being endorsed because a few ambiguous "pro-bike" noises he has made during his campaign.

sorry- but blindly supporting a politician for a single issue is nothing but reckless and irresponsible; especially given the candidate's positions on other issues (fracking, public lands, endangered species, etc, etc) that are in direct conflict with any claims of responsible "stewardship".

aside from that, 3 years after our membership has expired, we have yet to receive an invitation to renew. *a local trail building organization* will not be receiving a check from us, either- now or in the future. at least until they get their act together and smell the sagebrush.