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Thursday, January 23, 2014

trail report for 23 january 2014- it's all about the freedom

trail reports were discontinued here on ABANDON YOUR CAR more than two years ago, for the very reason demonstrated in the image below: no matter the reality of conditions on the ground, people will ride their bikes and free range their dogs as they see fit. the curious will go out no matter what is said about wet trails, snow, mud... pushing on like brave pioneers in the spirit of manifest destiny because they "know" that conditions will improve just around the next corner.
or they are forced to turn back because the bike now weighs 75 kilos and they have been post-holing a two kilometer legacy of destruction that will last for many months into the future.

and then images of the conquest are posted up on social media (which is where i happened to poach this photo from). "like hells yeah- i tagged that shit, yo!"

it is not my bike, it is not my dog.

of course, it can be argued that nothing we do here and now will make a rat's back end of difference in the future; so why not pillage, plunder and consume like there is no tomorrow? my answer is that the arrogance today is no different than back in the days of manifest destiny, and in reality, probably worse. we as a species know better now. we have the science to back it up- fracking, CO2 emissions, overpopulation, hunger... and the list goes on.
given our knowledge and reality, the choices we make and power we have to determine future realities basically boil down to one thing and whether we choose to act upon it in the right way:

it's all about the freedom. (so please choose wisely)

image courtesy of BBC News

and by the way, it's still road bike season in western Colorado. here's some beats to get ya motivated:

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