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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

two images for today

two from the vault of old school- documenting a transformation in progress:

apres VTT: Slickrock, Moab spring 1990

above we find the garden-variety, oldschool, Boulder-living, Moab-invading, beer swizzling, fat-ass hippie type lounging in the Slickrock parking lot after the morning ride. readers will know from clues in the image that this was back when the crust of the Earth was still cooling and the parking lot still to be paved... check out the bike, the socks; you know those colors are the top shizzle all over again.

let us very quickly indeed fast forward a couple of years.

first year Cat. 3, Casper Stage Race 1993

the beer and beer-gut are gone, and i'm moving towards road riding full time, really enjoying racing as a 3 and living the life in Boulder. note the full Campagnolo C Record equipped Landshark with the trademark Slawta paint job. that was one awesome bike and i had discovered that i was able to ride like never before.

the frame is still in my shed long since the life crashed out of it, waiting for another to befall a similar fate. then off  to Andy Gregg at bikefuniture design for an extreme makeover consignment.

you could even have him do one with all of those wrecked treasures still taking up space in the workshop at home. tell him that ABANDON YOUR CAR sent you over, and you will receive valuable premiums from us with every purchase from Andy.

happy road and trails, everyone. keep the rubber side down.

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