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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

winding down 2011

In saying goodbye to the adventures and challenges of 2011 a collection of images from late fall and early winter...

As the weather starts to turn cold and the days grow shorter, every trail rides just a little differently. Bundled up for a dusk assault on the Lunch Loops, Melinda, gets after this nutty mind over matter maneuver made all the more of a psych out by the added gear...

Down to Moab to stretch the season- the La Sals are fully plastered, but the desert stays rideable. Dave braces for the sunset temp drop as we ride in the long shadows of the witching hour.

Up to Steamboat before the snow flies for a meeting of minds with the master mind himself, Kent Eriksen. We compiled ideas from 3 already built 650bs- 2 of Katie's hard tail race rigs and my trusty all 'rounder dually- to design my new hard tail race bike. I see only a fraction of what Kent sees when he is imagining a new bike- but I expect it will be an amazing and beautiful machine. Check back for build up details!!

Even Bok Choy spends more time indoors these days...oooh DT Swiss stainless steel spokes and red alloy nipples. My road bike is going to be quite the retro hotty.

The wheels are built and Dave gets busy in the shop building up my first ever road bike. 2 new bikes in one year- it is almost too much to fathom!

Well planned, sustainable, appropriate trail building by the BLM and *a local trail building organization*  just keeps adding Sa-weeetness to  life as a cycling enthusiast in the Grand Valley.

The Brilliant new Palisade Rim Trail opened up in our backyard just as fall rolled in. The final trail work days were cold and frenzied- all of us hoping to gettur dun in time to be ridden before the mud and snow. And so we did-at least as far as the Petroglyph meadow. This trail is awesome going up and awesome going down- awesome hard...and awesome beautiful.

Dave spent 2 months literally laid out on the couch this year- lost 14 pounds of lean muscle, missed all but his earliest pre-season races, had his back operated on and was still able to get back after it in time to hog it up hardtail singlespeed stylee on our new trail  in its inaugural season...what a year it has been! It is good to be healthy.

The extended fall weather allowed some serious progress to be made on the  long fantasized Mack Ridge - Troy's connector.

By this time in the season, these guys are well oiled trail engineering, rock moving machine just hoping to get one more day in before the weather changes.

This will not be an easy trail to climb or descent when it is finished- but it is bound to be a 5 star addition to the Loma Loops...the views won't suck either.

I cannot thank the folks who make contributions to sustainable trail building enough- but I sure try to do my part by getting out and swinging the old pick-maddox or pulaski a few times a year, sending my annual check to the rockstars at *a local trail building organization*, paying my taxes without snivelling and spreading the word about trail stewardship.

  We are glad to be healthy, surrounded by excellent bike people (and dogs) in such a beautiful corner of the world! Here's to the madcap adventures yet to be had in 2012! We'll see you out there.


  1. Absolutely awesome pictures and even better riding!

    Your new road machine is looking great - speaking of which, the first crit of the season is this Sunday. Time to try and compete with Cat4 men on my trusty 49/13.

  2. Good Luck, have fun, pedal very fast and try to stay up front. Let us know how it goes!