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Sunday, January 8, 2012

NorCal Early Birds

Well, I'm a bit tired and with the added puzzle that is my homework for the evening, I'll keep this one short.

The NorCal race season started off today with the classic Early Bird training criteriums. I competed in the Cat4 Men and the junior races, and to put it lightly - I wasn't in my best form today.

Started with the 4's earlier in the morning - the official split the field in half and started us on a 1.5minute interval after the first group. The field ended up completing something like 12laps and around the 7th lap a break went off the front, which left me - formerly sitting comfy in about 8th position - suddenly at the front, with gents in front and behind me wanting to chase them down. So, I went, took my pull, helped bridge the gap and then completely gassed. Needless to say, with three to go, I was done for the remainder of the race and watched the finish from the side lines.

An hour later, the junior race rolled around. The only picture my fantastic photographer, my brother Taylor, acquired of the junior race was right after the start - where I was positioned behind the youngins' from the Davis Cycling Club. You can see me on the outside moving up...junior starts are the scariest of them all, and the goal is to get up and out as soon as possible.

With a nice "warm up" (aka the suffer fest) already under my belt, I was able to hold down the junior squad rather well and rolled in after the sprinters for a solid 10th place. Of course, none of it matters because places aren't recorded and they're just training crits, but it was still a fun day.

So, a couple things I learned today:

1. I'm absolutely horrible at coping with surges around corners. Constantly lost position and even exploded in my first race because of this fact. Need to work on some sprint intervals.

2. Little kids don't know how clipless pedals work, so don't line up behind them (really the junior field should be split up because it's just not safe for the little tykes out there with us).

3. Not crashing is really cool.

4. Racing is fun...homework, not so much.


  1. Sounds like you made the most out of this race! you got out there with the CAT 4s and the Juniors which is cool and you took some home some fitness and some learning. Sweet. Why didn't Taylor race?! Hope he was a good soigneur.

  2. Taylor's bike got jacked from outside his lecture about 2months ago.

    Had a couple of people I know in the area search incessantly on Craigslist, but it probably got sprayed and chopped into a fixie about 12hours after the theft.

    We'll probably end up building him another beater, hopefully when he transfers to a school in sunny California!