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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fruita, usa trail and ride report for October 1, 2011

I've said it before- fall is the most magical time to ride the Grand Valley.

Rode alone today out in Rabbit Valley. When we still lived down valley in Fruita this was my go-to "alone" ride. It is easy to make long quiet loops out there that break up the intensity (and monotony) of the rapid fire habitrail loops at Kokopelli, 18Road or Lunch Loops.

The sand was in excellent condition today. How some days it can be so rideable, yet the day before (or after) it can be so miserable remains one of life's persistent mysteries. The efforts of the BLM to limit rogue ATV and less than competent dirt bike traffic on the actual Western Rim seems to be helping rehab the trail and there were fewer new sucker tracks tearing through the crust.

The decision to allow ATVs on all of Trail 2 has had exactly the opposite effect.

I fail to understand how such a decision is reached given the huge miles of ATV wasteland out in Rabbit Valley and the less than 10 miles of single track. In only a few months the super fun super fast single track of upper Trail 2 has been eroded into unsustainable, babyhead littered 2 track mayhem. I can say with certainty it was not decided based on which advocacy groups mobilize volunteers to build, clean and maintain trails. Bummer.

*a local trail building organization* volunteers get down to it alongside the BLM to create great, sustainable singletrack- yep, folks, this is how it happens (not by magic). Whenever I do trailwork I ask the BLM folks if any moto or equestrain advocacy groups bring out volunteers to build trail...they never know what I'm talking about. 'nuf said.

This aside, my ride out Kokopelli Trail to the Western Rim and back up Kokopelli to Trail 2 was blissful and autumnal. After months of being humbled, inspired and challenged riding with the Badass Singletrack and Skinny Tire Sisters-

it was nice to go back to the peaceful solace of riding the desert alone. I see more, tune into my breathing and body more and often find the lessons I've been struggling with on group rides finally come together.

getting after Holy Cross with the sisters- not a ride I ever do alone. captured by Sarah Mah Rarick- founding sister and proprietor of Desert Rat Tours

The flipside of late season solo riding, of course, is pedalling in vain for miles trying to escape a stink that can only be attributed to one's own late season funk. The time for a full overhaul and vinegar bath for all my gear (backpak, helmet liner, insoles and every single chamois and base layer) is NOW if I ever want anyone to ride with me again.

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