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Thursday, August 25, 2011

U.S. Pro Cycling Challenge stage 3... heavy on the cowbell & horn

just to put it out there right off the bat- Andy Hampsten's Vail pass TT record was set on a parcours that was almost 400 meters longer than what the riders tackled today. take that any way you like, but don't forget for a second that he did it on a steel bike, wearing wool shorts and jersey. well, the bike was steel, at least, and they didn't bother with safety lids back in the day, either.

Jen and i joined the many tens of thousands of the most die-hard cycling fanatics in the u.s. on the slopes of Vail pass today. it was a thourougly enjoyable and unforgettable experience to spend the day out there in the mountains, cheering on many of the top riders in the world, and fully immersing ourselves in a true, european-style grand tour event.
i can't wait for us to be there again next year, and probably taking a few more of the stages at that.. until then, here's some images from about 500 meters down from the finish. enjoy!

proper attiere is de rigeur at any ProTour event. vintage leather derny helmets, Vuarnet sunglasses from France, and wool Campagnolo jerseys. did i ever mention that i don't do monkey suits?


a stout blast from the ol' gas station funnel helps motivate riders who are being overtaken.


Jen goes heavy on the cowbell for the Colombian TT champ.

i am not sure who this fat clown is.

even the Colombian climbers suffered mightily on the Vail TT parcours.

Jens Voight throwing down some wicked (almost) old man power. he is by far my favorite rider in all of the Pro peloton.

Christian VanDeVelde almost toppled the Leipheimer express... almost.

the Dutch national TT champion as a work of art.

i was expecting a lot more out of Robert Gesink here in Colorado. still a couple more chances to shine, though.

Sergio Luis Henao Montoya faded badly today, managing a distant 41st place. i'm still rooting for the Colombians to lay down some attacks.

Tom Danielson, suffering and sick today.

Tejay didn't quite have the "balls" going uphill today and subsequently lost his leader's jersey. don't worry, kid- there's plenty more bike races in your future

right now i am hoping that the rain stops long enough for me to sneak out and do some "artwork" on the road to celebrate tomorrow's stage passing right through Oak Creek on it's way to bikeTown USA. keep the fingers crossed and hope that all of the state troopers have turned in for the night.

heh heh

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