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Sunday, May 22, 2011

trail report: Palisade area recon

Palisade women's baseball team- 1910

things have settled a bit on the home-front since Jen and i have put down some roots over at the east end of the Grand Valley in a quaint community of 2500 residents, AKA "the 'Sade"

at an elevation of 1441 meters (4728 feet), the 'Sade is nestled at the foot of Colorado's majestic Grand Mesa, which towers above the town to an altitude of 3454 meters (11,333 feet) at the summit of Crater Peak. there are an abundance of BLM and National Forest lands in close proximity, thus making for easy access to fantastic trails and terrain... riding from our front door. the tarmac is equally splendid, with a paved route bisecting the Mesa over its summit and a lot of options for California-style vineyard and orchard routes that feature far less climbing and mileage.
suffice to say, a good number of the rides from the 'Sade do go up rather abruptly.

here's some images* from a couple of recent recon missions that Jen and i took on the Mesa.

*it gives me much pleasure to report that we have recently acquired a new camera to document the adventures. readers will no doubt notice much improved image clarity and quality. thanks for hanging in there with all of the old cell phone images. we do our best to try to keep it fresh.

Jen pushes onwards and upwards as rain threatens.

cool Martian-style rock formations

we heard this plump, free-range Colorado gobbler calling as we rode up Rapid Creek. later that afternoon, he ran like a crazed tifiosi for about 100 meters in front of us as we descended.

looking north, down the Rapid Creek drainage with the Roan Plateau in the far, far distance.

Crater peak on the Grand Mesa tops out at 3454 meters above sea level- that's 11,333 feet.

this area is closed to motos. the local deer and elk herds had done a real top job of postholing the ol' two track.

pretty good size bear track and the 2.35 Schwalbe gives something of a reference- headed up the same trail we were riding. fortunately, a couple of days prior.

that would be the front paw, by the way.

Jen drops down the west flank of the Mesa- the Grand Valley and the 'Sade are at the bottom.

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