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Friday, May 27, 2011

race report: Rabbit Valley Rally & the Palisade Classic- 2011

two early season MTB races here in western Colorado (Rabbit Valley Rally and the Palisade Classic) have developed well-earned reputations as being in the style of competitions held way back in the day... long, difficult tests of strength, endurance, and keepin' your shit together maintaining forward momentum and not getting lost/hurt in the wilderness.
Jen has been making some real gains in her cycling ability in the last couple of years, and this season has already been no exception to the progress. the months of training and work in the gym over the winter are starting to pay off with regular (three for three) podium appearances. with two top step podium appearances, that is.

i am really happy to be able to watch the learning curve that Jen is on, to share the excitement, take my turn being the soigneur, mechanic, bike-washer, or whatever it takes to support a winning effort. so, chapeau and some smooches for my champion. and without further adieu...

here's a couple of images from Rabbit Valley. if you are looking for results, you can find them by clicking the link above. first image is courtesy of Kristy Driver/LiveTrainRace.com, and she has additional images on the LTR site as well.

the last climb always hurts, especially into a headwind

Jen stayed well clear of the crashes and crossed the line in front of her competitors.

as the breakthrough winning season continued at the Palisade Classic, Jen recruited some muscle to maintain order during (what could be) the chaos of an all categories mass-start rollout. the joke amongst the racers that have participated in the past is the so-called "neutral start" behind the local, small-town cop car. the guy just pegs the ol' patrol vehicle at about 50k/hr for the first 3k of pavement, right from the line. hoo-kaay.

ask me sometime about the neutral start that they used to have down there in Crested Butte during the original Fat Tire Bike Week... i swear cops just love that stuff. ha.

anyway, the pressure was on because there has been so much rain here lately that it was difficult for the promoters (Rapid Creek Cycles, Palisade) to get all of the parcours marked until two days before the event, Jen was defending her title from last year, and this is now our home race- the start line is a couple of blocks from the crib.

the next three images are courtesy of Kristy Driver/LiveTrainRace.com.

soigneur looking after a well-prepared racer & team

everyone is happy, confident, and chill before the start- let the suffering begin...

the LTR powerhouse gets ready to lead the rollout with Andrey "the Badger" on the right, Andrew Nolan center, and Jen about to move into 3rd spot for the "armchair ride" to the dirt. textbook.

Jen caught this local junior, towed him for the last 2k of pavement and then graciously "gifted" him the finish. kids these days have no respect whatsoever.

be sure to have some fun at the awards ceremony after your next race. Jen basks in some well-deserved recognition after winning the Palisade Classic and a couple of cold beverages.

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