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Monday, April 25, 2011

Trail Report Fruita USA, April 25, 2011

Quite the wild ride here in Fruita this spring. Maybe April will go out like a lamb- but watch the weather lest you get nailed by a lion.

The week Doug and Dave came out from Cali was perfect (April 18-22) All areas rode brilliantly with coolish days, tacky singletrack and 0 precip.

It is always a ton of fun to show off our amazing collection of trails when the weather cooperates- these guys got after it at Loma, The 18, Rabbit Valley- toppped it off with a tour de lunch loops and left town smiling.

photos courtesy Dave King (we like the arty filter, even if he doesn't)

Then we got clobbered over the weekend with cold, wet and more cold and more wet (and I mean wet). Even the road riding pretty much sucked.
Desperate to get out and turn the legs, I got snowed on up at the 18 the day before yesterday. Frankly I'm a little surprised just how muddy things want to stay.

But- the good news is, the skies have cleared, there is a cool, drying breeze in the air and if folks choose carefully and show a little respect for the trails they ride, it should be a good weekend to ride.

Personally and selfishly I'm looking for a little more moisture and cool temps to help ease the suffering in the sand at the Rabbit Valley Rally!

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