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Sunday, April 10, 2011

race report: 2011 Mad Cow Classic

The 2011 running of the Mad Cow Classic p/b Mesa State College is in the books. It was a wild and woolley weekend of howling wind, freezing temps, sucker patches of blue sky giving way to rain and snow. An absolute classic Colorado spring start to the road racing season! Dave overcame weeks of debilitating back spasm to make his season debut- and after getting his juices flowing by rocking the time trial on his old school set up (TT bars? aero helmets? Disc Wheels? .... just not the retro way), he decided to get down to business, leave the age group posse behind and roll with the CAT 1/2 men. And, so, he spent the rest of the weekend hashing it out with Mike Allen and Paul Friehauf first in the Criterium and then the Reeder Mesa Road Race.
The view from the feedzone- fresh snow pasting the Grand Mesa

All three gentlemen are outstanding riders in every sense- physically powerful, courageous and sportsmanlike. They each endeavor to make all the best strategy decisions and tactical moves and, ultimately, come out at the top of the podium- but regardless of how the palmares shake out, they will shower one another with dignity and respect once the race is run. Pretty cool dynamic to watch.

Dave started the 72 mile mostly uphill road race this morning hoping to protect and support Paul the Free Horse Friehauf in taking his revenge for yesterday's second place finish to Mike Allen in the Criterium. Dave did his best to share with Paul the patience and wisdom of a well seasoned elite rider. Ultimately, Dave could not keep the pace of the the two younger leaders, but after crossing the line Paul rode back to cheer Dave in to a strong finish. Good stuff.

All in all, LiveTrainRace had a great showing this weekend both presenting a tour de force on the race course and in supporting the event. Go Team Go! Dave stoked to get a little podium pay out after a grueling criterium. All in a day's work...
Steve Slaughter, Don K and Ed Chamberlain mack the LTR pride after tearing it up with the Masters 35+ on the Reeder Mesa Road Ride

Kevin (or it could be Conor) Mullervy presents Paul Friehauf with his Men's 1/2 Silver medal and Tim Sewell with his Men's 35+ Bronze . These 2 are off to Silver City to crush 'em at the Gila in a couple of weeks. Allez! Allez! Allez!

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