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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fruita, usa trail report for April 11, 2010.

It's official- the spring bloom is upon us. For the past week or so we have all been spotting the first red blooms of the paintbrush and today out in Rabbit Valley I got my first real all encompassing whiff of soapwort. These crazy purple guys are going off everywhere out there among the greening grasses and plumping yucca. In a nutshell: The sand in Rabbit Valley was atrocious today and the trails have a lot of rock rubble from moto traffic. Still better than a sharp stick in the eye though. Rode up at the 18 mile after the rain this weekend. The trails are totally rideable, but needing more rider groom to smooth out the bovine groom. Was out at Loma/ Kokopelli yesterday and it is all riding like a highspeed dream- in fact, would be good to slow some of the yee-hays down to keep Rustler's from getting so freaking blown out. Out at the lunch loops (Pet-e-Kes, high noon, Raven's Ridge, Kurt's) for the Single Track Sisters group ride a few days ago- very good stuff, but I have to say I had no idea how darn dippin' crowded the lot has become since the dirt jump track went in!

Watch the weather is the mantra (see the links to the right- these are what we use for the real dope- ie. don't believe any bikeshop hype, look for yourself). The trails are all good to go (except maybe the Edge), but a good squall will put the kabash on things for at least a few hours afterward and the wind has been BRUTAL at times making trail choice important.
After the intense weather and heated competition of Mad Cow weekend, it felt great to get with out in the still quiet of a Monday evening and build some trail.

This is how sustainable singletrack happens people- lot's of hardworking hardcores coming together with a genuine plan to lay in and fine tune our singletrack. Nothing will make you appreciate your local singletrack more than working to preserve it (which is hardwork, by the way). Have you put your time in this season?!
Everytime I come out to a *a local trail building organization* work session I learn something new about the effects of water and rider movement on our trails and how even small, well thought out changes minimize the damage. Derrick and Sarah are putting the finishing touches on one of several brand new water bars on Troy-Built (first layed in 8 years ago and showing its age).
Next time you are out there look for this beautiful rock, so meticulously placed to direct water off the tread and to direct the rider's mind toward the tread and think of the men and women who took the time to save this spectacular trail from the ravages of rain and riders- so that we all may ride it again and again and again.

***We'll be putting in another Monday evening next week (4/18/11). Meet @ 5:30 sharp- Mack exit parking area. Bring Gloves and water- there will undoubtedly be good people to meet and good food to eat!

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