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Thursday, March 10, 2011

south Routt road report for thursday march 9, 2011

most local roads are clear, temps in the high 40's- it's time to ride. look out for ice & gravel on north-facing aspects. that's about all there is to tell in this report. see you out there.

cresting the summit today on le Col de Veste Jaune, C.R. 14, south Routt, Colorado

today was probably one of my last rides (for this season, at least) wearing the colors of South Routt Velosport. Jen and i have both signed on to ride for the western slope powerhouse of LTR Sports for the 2011 season (she's on the mountain bike team, and i will be doing double duty on road and mtb). word went out from HQ today that the new team kits are in house... and temperatures in the Grand Valley have soared into the 60's. talk about perfect timing.
the great tradition of new team apparel arriving in the spring has always heralded the start of another racing season, the excitement of rolling out on the training rides with a sharp, professional looking squad, and always being able to identify who you are riding with/for at the races. it was well time for me to invest in some fresh chamois, too.

look for the (road) team to make their 2011 debut at the 2nd annual LTR Grand Junction spring criterium series on the 30th of this month (wednesday evenings, for 4 consecutive weeks, USA Cycling sanctioned). yours truly will be there, on the line.
most of the mtb racers have already "stretched their legs" a bit this season, bravely heading out to the first InterMountain Cup race in St. George, Utah last weekend for some early-season suffering in the sun. they all did amazingly well, considering how much square footage of pasty white skin that was on display.

Jen has been training hard in preparation for her title defense at the Palisade Classic on May 22nd. she is planning her season debut for the second stop of the InterMountain Cup in Hurricane, Utah on the 2nd of April. i can see some painful and humiliating smack-downs in the works this year for a whole new crop of ambitious youngsters in her category (and, perhaps, a certain young apprentice... when applicable). looking forward to that, indeed.

we hope to see all of you racer-types out at the races this year! i'm headed down to Fruita tomorrow for some quality time with Jen and a couple of long group rides (in warm weather) with the team. we'll have another Fruita trail report for you in a couple of days, but for the most part, it's all GOOD TO GO right now.

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