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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wishing the Kent Eriksen Cycles team a great showing at the 2011 North American Handbuilt Bike Show (and a little update on conditions in Fruita)

The first 3 riders back to homebase after the 2010 Kent Eriksen Tour de Steamboat- you may recognize these cats as 3 of Routt County's cycling fixures, displaying their Routt County pride

Ian Pritchard- vintage MOOTS, Dave Fisher- South Routt Velosport, Jamie Morgan- Kent Eriksen Cycles

This weekend the 2011 North American Handbuilt Bikeshow takes place in Austin, Texas. Hundreds of beautiful rigs will be on display- and vying for prestigious honors. (you will find links about getting to and from Austin and links about eating and drinking in Austin on the above site- but, strangely, no links about riding in Austin...go figure. they do ride bikes in Austin, don't they?)
We have no doubt that our good friends at Kent Eriksen Cycles will have a brilliant showing. They have brought home top titanium honors the past two years - in 2009 for that jawdropping tandem and last year for an elegant 29'r singlespeed.
Be sure to check in on the cyclingnews and NAHBS sites frequently during the show- the photo galleries are always spectacular. If you are lucky enough to be at the show, be sure to drop by the Eriksen booth and visit awhile. We are certain you will find these folks among the friendliest, funniest and straight up smartest bike geeks you will ever meet.

This is what they really looked like after they rolled in...not such a pretty picture, but nothing a cold can of Coke and a banana can't fix!

*******************TRAIL REPORT********* 21 February, 2011

Me and my beloved Eriksen 650B out at the 18Road this week- the days are beautiful, and the trails are actually on the brink of being rideable thanks to the dry, windy days we've had. Early spring is a tricky time to ride off road- each dry day gets us closer to "good to go", but watch the forecast closely because it only takes about 2 drops of rain to turn things right back into slime this time of year.

We have very reliable sources saying that Lunch Loops are rideable up to about the Lemon Squeezer and "iffy" at best above that. Goes without saying that the dirt jumps are buzzing with activity.

The Eriksen longsleeve jersey has become my go-to early spring layer of choice. I have worn this pup on every ride I've taken since getting it for Christmas. I love the thermal fabric and perfect pockets- but not nearly as much as I love, love, love the imposing Eriksen "Crow-Magpie" graphic. Everyone should have one.

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