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Monday, February 14, 2011

Fruita, usa trail report for February 14, 2011

Quick update on the conditions out at the 18 road...

the road itself is in sweet condition tricking me into believing the trails must be pretty dry. Let's just say I lugged a very heavy rig across the meadow to get out of there.

Another beautiful day today will help the situation, but more precip forecast by the end of the week certainly complicates the picture.

As for the Loma loops...

This is the initial climb up Mary's yesterday. Aargh. The snow is wet, sloppy and slick. The dirt sections of the trail are surprisingly muddy. The snow dump last week has really slowed the drying (and here I was convinced spring had arrived and everyone was out gobbling up tacky singletrack while I was confined to the concrete bunker I call "work").

In the interest of recon, I slogged out to the map kiosk and back, keeping to the slickrock lines as much as possible. It is a good technical challenge requiring lots of focus on body position and bike handling since any last ditch desperation maneuvers in slushy snow covered slickrock are more likely to lay you out than save the day. That aside, I'll be avoiding all these trails for awhile and keep it to base miles on the dirt road and alpine antics with my Valentine up in the high country.

There is really nothing to be gained from trashing the bike and the singletrack (if it is possible to trash anything more than the bovine do). But- to each their own, eh?

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