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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fruita USA road & trail report for february 20, 2011

no doubt that spring fever is in the air, the migratory birds are returning to their desert habitat for the season, and most everyone else is itching real bad to get out on the trails.
Jen has been doing regular recon missions on her MTB out to the 18 road. today's observations are not much different than what she reported in her previous dispatch- still soggy and getting pummeled daily by the free-range bovines that have been set loose upon the prairie. homesteader-guy is also posted up again for another van-camping session.

long -n- short of it is: the trails still need some time to dry out. same story for the Lunch Loops, still too much moisture and snow to get up much past the dirt-jumping area (which IS dry and seeing plenty of early-season action). one could probably get about 1 hour of ride time right now on the limited trails that are dry, and no doubt there are plenty of those willing to venture a trashed bike and a lasting legacy of ruts left behind on all the rest. it's your call, do what is right for you.

the conditions for early-spring road riding are superb, however.

Mike approaches the visitor's center on his skinny-tire VTT training machine. he's taking a serious approach to the upcoming racing season with this dedicated set-up, definitely not doing it the "easy way".

today i rolled out on the LTR sunday training ride with Mike D. and Rich (the only other guys that showed up, btw) for some nice tempo on the "Llama Loops" before turning south and climbing up over the Monument on the return back to LTR world HQ in Grand Junction.
and yes, the Monument is now open again for cycling, from one end to the other. be advised that there are still some frozen sections to be encountered, most of them south of the summit in shaded corners. plenty of gravel in places as well, so please exercise caution while descending.

wind-blown snow makes for some sketchy descending off the backside of Rim Rock Drive

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