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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NorCal Race Report, December 12, 2010

Well, Sunday was my first ever race-paced road ride. In reality, the ride was done as a base fitness gauge for the upcoming Oakland Composite mountain bike race season with the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League. All of the riders met at the parking lot of the Cull Canyon swim Lagoon, and those who didn't ride to the start went on a nice warm up. I went along just to get a few fast-paced sprints in before the start.

Once everybody got back to the impromptu start line (a telephone pole), Coach Dave Gane -- Cyclocross Masters A, Expert MTB, and Cat 2 Road rider -- gave us the start order and started out to the end of the road. The first of eight riders started at 11:30 with one minute intervals between consecutive starts. I was placed second-to-last and once a parent counted me down from ten, I was off. The race of truth had officially begun.

I started really strong, knowing to go hard on the way out to the end of the road as the way back was optimal for recovery. Within a few minutes, I passed a rider. Then, as I was approaching the next rider, Anthony Fryer passed us both. He'd started last, and I knew it was going to happen, so I was happy with my pace. Essentially, I passed all riders except for two on the way out to the end of the road.

After jamming back down the road to the finish, I saw Anthony and Tim sitting down and accepted my third place finish with huge amounts of pride. This was my first ever race-paced ride, and I'm quite happy with my performance.

Race stats:
-Distance: 12mi, 20k
-Field Size: 8riders
-Place: 3rd
-Time: 0:37:21
-1st Place Time: 0:32:07
-Avg Speed: 19.5mph

And just for yucks, here's a picture of how the SOMA was supposed to look for the race:

(Yes that's tupperware. Yes, that's a DT Swiss sticker.
No, the manhole cover is not riding a TT.)

I had these NOS Specialized Turbos, size 700x18. I got them originally to race on, but completely forgot I even had them. So, since I had no pictures of the actual race, I slapped 'em on there and took a picture. I think she looks classy with skin-wall tires. Black bar tape is on the way because the white is tearing and becoming unwashable.

So, that's that AYC patrons. Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

  1. Way to dig deep Danny! I'm sure it feels awesome to see your hardwork this past year start to pay off. You guys will be a great team. The bike looks great- but always remember the investment you make in your fitness and race readiness will take you far beyond any investment in gear. Go get 'em!