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Saturday, December 18, 2010

local rider delivers the goods

image: Dave McElwaine/trailwatch.net

one of our favorite all-around good-guys here in Routt county recently traveled to the U.S. Cyclocross National Championships held this year in Bend, Oregon to do battle with a stacked field of masters in the 40-44 division.
hailing from BikeTown USA and riding for "the big guys", Jon Cariveau brought home the bronze medal after an hour-long grovelling slog in what could only be described as "epic cyclocross conditions" in the best of European traditions.
he also boasted a fine result in the "open" one-lap TT on thursday, rolling in with a highly respectable 17th place- a good indication as to his excellent form and the pain he was about to inflict on (most of) the rest of the masters in their title race. he followed that up on friday with a blazing 4th place in the master's seeding TT as well.

crushing a field of well over 100 riders, he was bested only by Boulder locals Peter Webber and Brandon Dwight of the Boulder Cyclesport team, with Brandon only pipping Jon at the line for the silver.

here's a short vid from cxmagazine.com that gives a darn good indication of the chaos at the start of the master's race. if you weren't at the front with a good holeshot, it is pretty clear that you were going to be "pack filler" within less than a minute... good thing Jon nailed that 4th place in the TT.

having ridden, trained and raced with all 3 of these guys since "way back in the day" i can attest to the fact that these racers truly represent some of the very best that Colorado has to offer in terms of good, clean racing and sportsmanship. and i couldn't be happier for the bunch of 'em (except, of course, if Jon had been on the top step of the podium, that is). but then again, there's always next year.

it's also well worth mentioning here that Jon is not one of those high-salaried rock star professional racer-guys. indeed, he works a solid 40 per week as lead salesperson at the factory and is a full-time parent on top of it all. he still finds time to train and race every week at the Steamboat Springs Town Challenge series, as well as numerous other local and regional road and mountain bike events such as the Steamboat Stage Race.
he and his wife, Sally epitomize the working folks of Routt county that put in their 8 hours per day and then still find the quality time to spend with the kids, giving them a first-hand introduction to the joys (and suffering) of cycling. look for an in-depth report on the Cariveaus and several other local families in a future post.

for now, i would like to extend a personal, heartfelt chapeau to Jon (and Peter and Brandon as well) for a job well done in bringing home the honors to our little corner of Colorado.
i can hardly wait for next year's event... but you probably won't find me out there in the mud and slop at Nationals. i couldn't run fast if the cops were chasing me, much less through the mud and over tall barriers. i'll just leave it to the guys who really live for it and save my legs for the races in the high mountains on the hot days during the month of July. see ya there.

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