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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pro Tour racing comes to Colorado

start thanking these two guys, they had a lot to do with making it happen: Lance on the left and our former Governor, Bill Ritter

(photo: Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

here's the official host cities video blorp:

well, folks... the big announcement was made today and it's official- the Quizno's Pro Challenge will feature a finish AND depart in Steamboat Springs- but hold on for the best part, the pelican will be passing through south Routt on its way there. i have not seen the details for the parcours, especially the finish, as there are many options for exquisite suffering (re: long, steep hills one after another) near the end which could certainly decide the stage, and quite possibly, the overall.

here's some coverage from the local newspaper.

this new Pro Tour event harkens back to the glorious "olden days" of racing in the u.s., when as a young lad, i was fortunate enough to witness these guys racing in the Coors Classic in the mid-1980's. it was unbelievable to me that they could climb so fast and look pretty good while suffering in Colorado's mountains (although Hinault famously complained that racing at such high altitudes was "murderous").
he slugged one of my old training partners while racing the Estes Park criterium because the guy was annoying le Blaireau by constantly attacking. Hinault wanted to just take it easy, do a race leader's parade lap for the crowd, and rest up for the next day's stage. Gary wanted some primes and face time at the front.

it was soon decided that the riders would take it easy, at least for the remainder of that criterium.

(image: cyclingarchive)

over at cyclingnews, their headline states that this race is "not one for the sprinters", which is fantastic, as i have often found myself greatly annoyed by the antics of Mark Cavendish (to say the least).

what do you think, dear readers?

(image: AFP)
if he bothers showing up, hopefully he gets shagged out the back the first time the road tilts upwards. and each thereafter.

i prefer the way things were settled back in the day. Bernard chose a more direct approach to his "diplomacy". Cav puts on a childish performance for the cameras to emphasize his point of contention with his detractors. Bernie could still show him a thing or two about how to deal with some of the complicated issues sometimes encountered at the races.

(image: ritte sport)

in all reality, i just want to see some great Pro Tour racing in Colorado once again- where it rightfully belongs, and after a 20+ year hiatus. i hope that the riders can behave properly, keep the rubber side down, keep their hands on the handlebars during the sprints, and stay well out of trouble when not on their bikes. it's really not all that much to ask, and if they do mind their manners, the racing action will undoubtedly be a knockout.

see you out on the cols next august!


  1. I signed the petition...
    no COMMENT section for the post on the Hit and Run

    I fully agree... throw the book at him and disbar the judge who could not see that JUSTICE should be served

    as for the sprinter... check out Chasing Legends


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