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Thursday, November 11, 2010

NorCal Ride Report, November 11, 2010

Well, to start off, here's a big thanks to the veterans of this country's military for defending our great nation and, thus, providing an incredibly beautiful and uncluttered day to get an enjoyable ride in.

When I figured out that I had today off, I set off to make plans for a ride. I got together with a friend and composed such a masterpiece of a plan that only an evil genius could come up with -- to ride my bike. So, I put some air in the tires, put some oil on the chain (which, like the rest of this bike, needs a thorough cleaning and service), and set out the door in search of adventure. Well, okay, you got me, I set out in search of Castro Valley. As an alternative to a 3mile, 5-15% gradient climb, I opted to take the more rolling scenic route through Lake Chabot. A wonderful way to warm up and start the day:

I then got to Castro Valley and made a bee line straight for my friend's house. Anthony Fryer is a great guy, an avid bike racer, and an awesome training partner. This kid has a huge amount of talent and it's really cool to see him in his element. Even if his element is 20feet and gaining from my turtle-like position as he sprints off into the distance:


However, Fryer's intense speed and leg-ripping power have their own consequences. On our way out towards the end of Cull Canyon road, he took a few opportunities to sprint over the rollers. Well, apparently the amount of purely intense up-pull that this beast creates while sprinting completely tore the sole of his shoe off, only to be held in place by his cleat bolts:

(...Or it might just be the fact that they're 15 year old shoes)

In an effort to continue our ride and get to the end of the 8mile-long scenic road, the brilliant idea of fixing his shoe was hatched. Well, duh. But, how are we going to affix the sole back onto this stupid shoe? Duct tape. After all, it's like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the universe together. So, after stopping at the first ungated house we came across and asking very politely for some sticky assistance, we were back on the road:


And finally, we reached the end of the road. Well, technically, it still goes for another 2miles, but that section is a private road leading to the very secluded, and oh-so-exclusive nudist club known as Sequoians Inc. Don't actually click that link. You get the point:

The ride back to Fryer's house was quite honestly one of the most awesome 8mile sprint fests ever. Rolling in the big ring with the chain half way down the cassette and sprinting out of the saddle while taking advantage a nice tailwind was definitely a great way to end the day. The spontaneous flat of my front tire while in the Castro Valley Cyclery shop, however, was not. By the way, those guys are awesome and didn't even laugh at my unfortunate event. Check them out sometime and find Anthony taking inventory and wrenching on some bikes.

Until next time, AYC...


  1. i give your riding buddy huge points for keeping a pair of old riding shoes on the road- that is the hardcore spirit we like to see! on the other hand- he is going to love getting a new pair of well earned riding shoes to replace them! Way to get after it guys- looks a beautiful California day! jen

  2. the post seems to be attracting attention from around the world!

    Herbrechtingen, Baden-Wurttemberg arrived from google.de on "ABANDON YOUR CAR: NorCal Ride Report, November 11, 2010" by searching for nudisten club.

  3. Daniel just wait until I get the BMC. Then Ill have a bike thats not 21 pounds, down tube shifters, ancient shoes, etc. Then I'll really be fast! Haha

  4. Then I'll for sure be out the back! Dude, I'm so psyched for the early bird crits and whooping some butt in Cat5. I need to finish the MTB though, for the NorCal races.

    Aunt Jen: Yeah, it's pretty cool. Hopefully he has those soles glued back on soon!

    Dave: Yeah...sorry about that unwanted attention, there. The Sequoians have definitely made a name for themselves...