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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for 10 november, 2010

rain with cooler weather has moved into the region, creating somewhat unsettled, fall conditions. daytime temps in the 50's Fahrenheit, real cold at night (if you are camping).
things do look a bit "iffy" for the next couple of days, then a nice stretch of sunny, cool days in the week coming up. see you out on the trails & roads!

as always, keep an eye on the 10 day local forecast


the NOAA "enhanced" radar & satellite beta

trail conditions have been exceptional this autumn, and last week Jen and i checked out a new area to ride and get the local vibe: Palisade, Colorado (15 minutes up valley from our Hometurf in Fruita).

we are not exactly "locals" in Palisade and have hardly ever ridden there before (Jen did race and win at the Palisade Classic last spring), so, we agreed that it would be best to stop in at the friendly LBS in town before we hit the trails... even though i knew where we were going and was pretty darn sure we didn't need a map. but, that's me, and i have sometimes been known to be wrong about these sort of things.
maybe once before.

so we talked to Joel at Rapid Creek Cycles of downtown Palisade and he set us in the right direction. and yes, it was a real good idea that we did- the trails out there are, well, a little out there.

The trail we rode this week was "water rights" to "petroglyph trail" to "palisade rim trail". swing by the shop and get their $1 map of the loop- you will need it. Get some bars and some tubes while you are there too- you may be able to hear and see the I-70 most of the ride- but it will feel a million miles away! Tell 'em their friends from ABANDON YOUR CAR sent you.

 Be ready for some hard climbing and skinny (really), technical singletrack wherever you ride in Palisade (and expect to practice your dismounts and portages...). Awesome.

Here are a few of the fantastic sights to be had:

can you see it?

behind the juniper branches...

they were here in great numbers

watching over the herd

unmolested panels of petroglyphs in a valley surrounded by sandstone cliffs, accessed only via singletrack par excellence.

steep, technical sections abound

so, rest a little bit when you can on the ride in.

crux move contortions on the singletrack will make your headspin thinking of the hearty souls who brought us this amazing trail- be sure to thank the guys at the shop on your way out of town AND to get out and do a few trailwork days this fall in honor of all the great singletrack you've gobbled up this summer!

 a few more nice petroglyphs for the ride home. see ya next time!

nice light and color

bull elk and desert bighorn are clearly evident on this panel.

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