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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fruita, CO Ride and Trail Report November 14, 2010

Had a spectacular- if not chilly- sunset ride out at the 18Mile (Aka: 18 Road or "North Fruita whatever, whatever" to the BLM) yesterday. The days have been cold and crisp, the crowds are starting to thin and the trails out there are in great shape after having the piss ridden out of them all season. There is some standing water on Prime Cut- ride through it, not around it and no big deal, eh?
It is snowing today (honestly) but tomorrow should be great riding out on the rocks at Kokopelli (aka Loma) and/or the Western Rim. By Wednesday things should set up and it ought to be a perfect day for a late season roll out on the Zion Curtain or, perhaps a road ride across the Monument. Remember, they are going to close the top of the monument this winter (even to bicycles!!)- so get yer ride in now! It should be super sweet to hike, run, snowshoe and XC on the unplowed road up there in a few weeks.

(The links above mostly take you to older posts and photos from this past summer rather than to the same old maps we always link. But you will find those map links in loads of our other posts- promise!)

Photo by Tom Burgher-

I poached this photo because it so beautifully captures the amazing view I had driving back out the washboard to the 18 Road Trailhead to retrieve the Stan's 650B wheel I left in the parking lot last night.

I have often wondered how the hell someone leaves a wheel behind and I can confirm that I still do not know the answer to this one of life's persistent questions. What I do know is that it happened to me and, thankfully, it was still there when I got back and, amazingly, I must have backed over just the edge of the tire such that Stan's was gooched out onto the gravel, but the tire wasn't off the rim and the rim was not bent (at least no more bent than it has been after 2 seasons of getting hammered in the desert)! Hmmm. Hoping to not make that mistake again.

The 30minutes or so of uncertainty regarding the fate of my wheel did serve to ramp up my anxiety and dismay over the recent news that Stan is discontinuing their 650B rim. I have some heavier back up rims waiting to be built up- but who will take up the torch and provide a superlight racing rim for the mighty 650B?! It is such a great wheelsize and I love my bike!

This is my bike the way Kent built it up for the HBBS 2 years ago- I have the Fox RLC on it now because who can afford White Bros? and it ROCKS!. I have just started to envision my future Eriksen 650B hardtail racing machine...but the wheels, who will supply the wheels?!

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