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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

afternoon ride for 03 november 2010

the Ribbon- Grand Junction, Colorado

note: if you plan on doing this ride, do yourself a big favor and opt for the "extended version" which begins at the main Tabeguache trailhead. don't be afraid of the extra climbing and singletrack. the loop shown on the link above is less than half the total distance of the longer ride, and nearly all of the additional riding is on some really excellent singletrack as an extra incentive.

70 degrees farenheit & not a cloud in the sky in november feels really nice- especially if you are not fortunate enough to live in sunny California or somewhere with one of those "Mediterranean climates" .

this nice Colorado singletrack helps ease our suffering a bit, however.

back scratcher.

sorry about the unederexposure, i just happen to like this particular section of trail.

lots of fast descending on wide open slickock

we stopped long enough to take in some nice views of the valley. note the trail continuing downward, lower right of image.

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