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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ride report for September, 2010

Here is a bit of a rundown on some of the tremendous late summer/early fall riding we have been fortunate enough to get after-

The week before labor day with spring still trying to unfold at about 10,500 feet we made our way to the top of Storm Peak in Steamboat via the sunshine loop and Cathy's cut-off.
We were in a training conundrum as Dave attempted to wind it down for the Steamboat Stage Race just days away and I attempted to keep the focus on getting my altitude on for the Breckenridge Fall Classic still 2 weeks out. It seemed to work since a brutal fullscale effort on my part pretty much allows Dave to noodle along, enjoy the views and "stretch his legs".

DAVE: (La, la, la, aren't these flowers pretty? Oxygen, schmoxygen. La, la, )

(Oh, look, some crazy tree mushrooms...La, la, la, la)

JEN: ( I think this is a great spot to lay down and die, okay?)

We kept it together, had a lot of fun over our back to back weekends of stage racing (visit our blog posts about the Steamboat Stage Race and the Breckenridge Fall Classic), both rode well and without injury. YEAH!

And now that we are mostly finished racing for 2010 (of course, we will head down to the 24hours of Moab next week as support crew for our LiveTrainRace heroes- GO!GO!GO!) we are making more time for ambling adventure rides.

This is last weekend up on the Grand Mesa- overlooking the Grand Valley in the distance. We had a magical day exploring the alpine singletrack with cool fall temps (nearly 20 degrees cooler than 30 minutes away at the house in Fruita). We rode a 20 mile out and back to the very end of the Mesa in the background- (this, of course, means going into the Area 51/ X-Files zone with all those radio towers and antennae you see twinkling in the night) AWESOME.

The West Bench Trail that travels along the top of the Powderhorn Ski Area and onto the Mesa is super varied, passing through pine forests, glowing Aspen groves, lava fields and alpine meadows ...

and, at times, nearly disappears into the sorrounding landscape the way leave covered Autumn Trails often do...spectacular.

Hooray for adventure rides!

We got so pumped up on "non-structured ride" goofballs, the next morning we got up early and rode the Zion curtain/Western Rim mini-epic out at Rabbit Valley (this is a cool Garmin link far beyond our luddite ways...). We haven't ridden that whole loop since early spring.

The rainy summer has certainly left its mark- but the trail was in great shape overall. I love this ride- even with the stupid old-school dirt bike portages- because of the juniper forest and the old burned out juniper forest, the vertiginous views of Rabbit Valley, the rock ledge descent and the long ride back to home base along the Western Rim.

Note**Don't try to ride this alone if you haven't been out there- even though the BLM has recently put up some signs at the Zion trailhead, the connection to the Western Rim (using part of the Kokopelli trail) and/or the boresville-snoresville jeep road return to the I-70 are often missed and it just isn't that fun to be out there alone in the bentonite jungle trying to sort it out.

All in all, we have had a great close to a challenging summer. There is a ton of "non-structured" autumn riding yet to be done, the light is fantastic, the evenings are cool and we are off the training train for awhile. Yee-ha!

(and don't believe the hype- troy rarick did not singlehandedly envision, build and put these great rides on the map. As you no doubt know by now, I find the guy to be a boring megalomaniac and a CRAPPY builder of unsustainable trails with little regard for the environment or anything outside of his EGO and self centered profit mongering. Yeah, that's a brilliant idea- we'll all just build trails wherever and however we like (huh, nothing like the lowest common denominator out there tearing up the desert). Don't get me started on his pathetic "bike shop" where they stock shot glasses and pink thong underwear, but no actual bikes...what a jag)

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  1. Aunt Jen, awesome post! It was humorous and a very enjoyable read. It's so beautiful out there, and you guys are getting after it and that's awesome!

    I did a hot lap on the off-shoots of Chabot today (ten hills to brandon to redtail to soaring hawk to goldenrod) with two friends and it was awesome just to be out there tearin' it up!