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Sunday, September 5, 2010

steamboat springs stage race 2010 - Marabou circuit

the race caravan proceeded to the 1st stage at Marabou ranch and the competitors took to the best macadam of the whole event. climbing 150 meters or so on each hilly, 7 kilometer lap with a super fast, twisty descent thrown in to keep it real.
maybe i should just say real cold. the thermometer hovered right around 2 degrees C even though the sun was shining brightly. warmups were problematic for many of the scrawny climber-types, Jamie Morgan and myself included. here's what it looked like at the start of the 35 open, Jamie is on the left in the Eriksen Jersey:

too cold to crack a smile.

on Jamie's left are local fast guys Ian Pritchard and Jon Cariveau. on the right side of the image are Chief ACA referee Dean Crandall and race organizer (as well as local fast guy when he's not organizing a top-shelf Colorado stage race) Cory Piscopo.

ornithological fact: the Marabou stork is a resident of Africa, and is not to be found at the Marabou ranch (and i am not quite sure how they came up with the name for the ranch, but no matter. it makes for a great venue to hold a race)

image credit as shown

there is a great deal of wildlife to be seen at Marabou. while attempting to "warm up", i observed a flock of Sandhill cranes about to make their south-bound migration. very cool indeed.

image courtesy of http://fatfinch.wordpress.com/

here's the start of the 45 open mutant class. i'm sandwiched between the Mix 1 duo of Pete Ismert and Jimmy Gibson, wearing the LiveTrainRace.com colors. these guys have been at the racing game for as long as i can remember. they are not slow by any standard- now or back in the day. these two cracked the race wide open and left everyone else way, way behind.

later on, i did a bit of "south-bound migration" of my own, slipping to 11th on G.C. and losing a good chunk of time to the hard-guys at the front. ouch.

still freezing and hanging in the pain-cave (for now)

well, tomorrow is another day and another race. i look forward to some action on the open roads as the parcours travels some of my favorite training routes. until then, stay up-to-date with the action in the pro pelican, as some of the more "mainstream" outlets here and abroad have picked up on the feed.

here's the coverage on VeloNews

and also, bikerumour.com (their prologue coverage can be found here)

it's really awesome to see a 2nd year Colorado stage race attracting rock-star talent and media coverage that such a well-run and challenging event deserves.

and a big thanks goes out to my best soigneur of all, Jennifer, without whom i would not be able to focus, prepare and race as well as i have (for quite some time) xo

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