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Thursday, September 16, 2010

NorCal Update, September 16, 2010

Well, it's been a small while since my last update, and in that time span some great riding has been had by all -- ask BikeMaster with his solid placement in the Steamboat Springs Stage Race!

Alright, the biggest update currently is obviously with the Mercian, which has taken on a less-naked appearance and is now sporting most of a Nuovo Record group from around 1975. In fact, the only piece missing is the rear derailleur, which I have decided to substitute for the more desirable Pat. 81 version (people like these more because of the removeable spring), as this bike is getting only the best.

The rear wheel has not yet been de-laced, but will be in the very near future. The MA40 shown is the 700c version, and, thus, will not be used. I'm still attempting to decide whether I should trade the MA40s for the 27" version, or just use my other high-end vintage wheelset with Super Champion rims laced to Maillard 700 hubs. The stem, bar, RD, and saddle are all in transit, which will leave me to find a seatpost, crankset, and BB.

Moving on from my vintage cycling addiction, we can move on to my modern cycling addiction. The cycling club application has been officially submitted and is awaiting approval. This year, we're also introducing the choice of racing in the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League and once that season ends, the ability to join the local fast-guy adult road racing team. Unfortunately, single speed and single chainring mountain bikes are not allowed in the league, so we've lost a couple of our powerhouses. I've been signed on as a club officer -- more specifically, the head bike mechanic. This year, the club is also receiving support from a local shop, and a new chain lube developer, Chain-L (make sure to check them out at Interbike!). I was also put in charge of jersey design, and will share my artistic skills once we receive all of our logos and the proper pantones for the high school.

Moving on from that, the riding here is awesome aside from some unfortunate flatting lately. The weather is perfect as it's nice and crisp in the morning, and warm, but not overbearingly hot, in the afternoons. My acceptance to the JV Debate Team has taken up my after school activities twice a week, but that still leaves plenty of time to ride.

And, AYC patron, therein lies this week's urge to get out of the house and get on the bike. If I can make the time, so can you, and it's guaranteed that you'll feel great out there on the road or trail. So, until next time, keep riding and keep the rubber side down!

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  1. Danny, your Grandad and I are very impressed with your skills on cycling and restoration and your debate team activity....proud would be a better word.

    Love Omah Joan