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Friday, July 2, 2010

Wednesday Night Worlds- Steamboat Town Challenge 6/30/2010

We haven't posted anything about the Steamboat Town Challenge this year and we are already into race #3... The Emerald Mountain Slash and Burn.
This was another of Gretchen Sehler's great works of race course magic- taking us on a tour of the snake's nest of singletrack looming in downtown Steamboat Springs. She was denied the chance to showcase the newest trail because it was trashed during the beetle kill mitigation work this winter (some identify this as Quarry Mountain Trail- but we here @ AYC prefer to refer to it as "Steve French's Trail" in honor of the mountain lion who lives up there)- but she rallied and gave us a course with more beautiful, nutty singletrack than you are likely to find on any sanctioned race course anywhere.

nevermind the ill-fitting helmet borrowed in the parking lot, I love this section of trail and I love that Danny grunted all the way up here to get these super sweet pics! You are one rockin soigneur.

(crazy enough most of the trails on Emerald are not publically mapped as the private property owner embraces cyclists, but frowns upon any formal mapping- this course went up next to the ski jumps, along Blackmere onto Larry's, left @ the Triangle then left into Prayer Flag, back to Blackmere, up to Blair Witch, across to 2-way, down to the water trough to MGM to Eye to Eye, across Orton's Meadow to Blackmere and back up to Lupine and then down and around and all about the Bluffs and back to the base...WHEW- that is a lot of single track!)

the man, the myth, the legend, Kent Eriksen comes out of the shop and onto the racecourse- preparing to pilot he and Katie's upcoming tandem attack on Leadville, perhaps? YEEE-HA!

As per usual, all the greats came out and the competition was mighty. There were mechanicals and crashes and stunning upsets. Barkley and Brad both got a run for their money and we saw a new face atop the podium (except there is no podium...) as Peter Kalmes from BAP/Honey Stinger took the gold (except there are no medals).

And when it was all over but the burgers, Kent shows us that he is all about lightwieght and, afterall, who needs a saddle when you have Titanium rails? An inspiration to us all...

Dave had a great night. He is loving riding with the Pro/Open homeboys on his singespeed and bettered his time from last year (be sure to see his post on this race from 2009). It is a little hard for him to accept his ranking when put up against the guys with gears- but we all know he would still be numero uno if he had stayed in singlespeed class and we would have to call him senor sandbagger behind his back.

Dave hammers singlespeed up Larry's with the Pro/Open freight train

I had a good race as well- it was my first Town Challenge since winning my way out of Novice last year. Coming into the evening I was riddled with doubt about riding at altitude after a winter down in Fruita, about riding in a class that puts all women over 30 in one division (I really think one should get some sort of bone for turning 45, but apparently not in the Wednesday Night Worlds...), and about the full-on into the red climbing straight off the line that defines riding in Steamboat.

I got over all that head poison about 20 minutes into it and finished firmly in the middle of the Sport Class pack- and, perhaps, could have finished faster had I not hogged a few moments during the race to bask in the glory of the alpine wildflowers going off, ferns growing shoulder high and Tibetan prayer flags snapping in the Aspens at the edge of prayer flag meadow. And, then, there was that little incident where my front wheel found the grassy edge out on the bluffs and took me and the 650b down like a sledge hammer...OUCH.

The now cock-eyed and ill-fitting helmet along with the swollen dirt caked left side of my body tell the tale of the final 1/2 mile when I decided to put the hammer down and got, well, the smackdown

So, in a few hours we will all turn our attention to the the Tour de France- but here in Fruita a tremendous project is nearing completion and when the prologue waps up, Soigneur Danny will be taking his gorgeous new Soma Smoothie on its maiden voyage- check out the preview below and stay tuned for a build-up post and ride report!

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