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Monday, July 5, 2010

ride for sunday 04 july, 2010

a cool front moved into western Colorado on saturday night, bringing with it some ideal riding conditions for sunday's mini-epic on the Western Rim.
"mini", perhaps, for the more seasoned veteran riders that is, and somewhat more "epic" for the young apprentice as this adventure represented the longest mountain bike ride of his (thus far) relatively brief cycling career.

Jen and Danny are headed westbound and a few kilometers further on, will drop into all of that singletrack/sandstone goodness down below. this here is the wild west at its very best, folks.

trail conditions were relatively good as the motos seemed to have stayed away during the recent rainstorms. let's hope that it is a trend that will continue as such.
trail boss Jen guides the team onto the Western Rim.

"take a kid riding day" on Western Rim. Danny leads out yours truly for some non-structured ride time and slickrock mayhem.

always good to find that shady spot under a giant boulder to take a quick break for some snacks and hydration...

while hanging on the edge of a fairly substantial drop to the valley floor below.

Danny did exteremely well in overcoming his fear and anxiety and conquered some moderately technical moves at the same time (and, most importantly, not losing any more skin or blood). of course, it would probably be preferrable to make a bad move and ride off a cliff rather than getting mowed down from behind by Mr. Trailrager.

here Danny is working on visualizing a good line and controlling his speed and fear before he gets to the obstacles (while being relaxed at the same time). that's really quite a lot to ask from a kid who's still learning... all the while you are buzzing his back tire and yelling at him to pedal faster and mind his form.
okay, okay. maybe it didn't all go quite like that.

apres velo at the campsite.
it seems that the camera always comes out just in time for the silly faces being made while the sugary drinks and salty snacks are being consumed. whatever to that, i say.

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