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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Update! 6/29/10

Well, AYC patron, we do seem to be a little delayed with this post. The past few days have been full of fun and even what some might call a little chaos.

So, where to start. Back in Fruita, around Monday last week, Dave took me up the Colorado National Monument road to the visitor's center. It was essentially my first ever sustained climb, and it was a freaking blast. Besides one stop in the middle for an inhaler puff and another at the top, it was pretty much non-stop pedaling. Which is awesome:

(Up we go. It was nice and gradual most of the way up, but if I get a chance,
I'll upload a picture looking down at what we had already climbed. Eek.)

So, as we stepped off the bikes for an inhaler and water break, we caught a great view of Balanced Rock. If you click on that image, you'll find another really cool sight as well. Down to the left of the base of the rock, I spotted a desert big horn sheep looking over the plains. There were actually multiple, which Dave spotted once they got on the move.

(I may be smiling, but that thing was tough!)

Moving on a few days further, Dave and I packed up the car and drove up to Oak Creek on Tuesday or Wednesday and he had a Town Challenge hill climb up Mt. Warner. Although he remains adamant that he didn't have the best form, Dave still would have podiumed in the single-speed division. We then went on an easy cruise down CR25, only to have me crash and burn on the way back. Scratched and cut my elbow pretty bad, but I think I'll live.

After our excursion to Oak Creek, we returned to Fruita briefly to regroup and get our wits about us. We all drove back up to the OC yesterday and enjoyed a nice loop around the Stage Coach reservoir. Today was a pretty chill day with an early trip into Steamboat with Aunt Jen for a practice ride for her race tomorrow and a road ride for me. Then we headed off to the hospital to get that nasty cut of mine checked and we were good to go. We had a great lunch with Janet and Kara and returned to OC. Upon arriving at the house, I was greeted by a box about the right size for a roadie frame. Mmmm... steel is real. Awhile later, Dave and I headed back to Steamboat and got some prep-work done on the frame at the legendary Eriksen and Orange Peel workshops. He went on his pre-race ride and I chilled in the library. We came home and got to work painting and ducting (?). Awesome, full day.

So, yeah, that's pretty much the biggest update I can give at the moment. There's another Town Challenge race tomorrow, so hopefully I can report on that too.

PS: The only spoiler I'm away right now is that the frame is a SOMA product. No pictures yet. Stay tuned!

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