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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fruita, USA ride report for May 31, 2010

Dave and I worked most of Memorial Day Weekend and didn't get to ride with our Routt County peoples- but we got to hear their glory tales over cold beverages and dole out the Arnica to those in need. And, as the holiday weekend dust settled and the trails fell silent, we got our turn. (Dave has a separate post showcasing yet more amazing wildflowers out at Loma Sunday evening).

I decided to showcase what we call "urban riding" here in the greater GJ metropolitan area. You only have to have been up here once to know what I'm talkin' 'bout.

For the uninitiated- this would be the mighty Ribbon up above Tabeguache.
We rode late Monday afternoon (5:30 out of the Tabeguache Parking Area) and saw maybe 3 people riding the lunch loops and another 7-8 being shuttled up Little Park Rd for a sunset hotlap.
We prefer to ride up to the trailhead- convinced that the 2200' climb compounds the adrenaline rush of the descent. And, what a spectacular way to close the day- back to the car as daylight fades.
One another note:
Not 20 minutes from the parking lot as we are slogging up the Tabeguache jeep road, we came across this collection of crap- note the inner tube tangled in the sagebrush by the rock.

Un-freaking real. #1- you are dumb enough to carry your spare tube in its box. #2 you are arrogant enough to leave your inner tube and the box on the trail (your Mommy wasn't riding with you today to pick up your crap?!), therefore, it may be safe to assume that #3, you are stupid enough to not have cleared the goathead from your tire and flatted again in a mile and you still haven't figured out that leaving the trail out here = a flat tire.

I've talked big about slapping idiots with their old GOO packets, but, folks you better believe I put this inner tube in my pack and went looking for the jag I could slap silly with it.

I would like to call your attention to an alternate scenario- observe the dignity and respect demonstrated by our man Tony here as he races to the finish line after repairing his flat, still hoping to podium in the Cholla Challenge out at Hurricane. Even a chance to podium in a MSC race is not justification to leave your crap on the trail.

Tony was denied a spot on the podium that day- but earned a high ranking in our "people we want to ride and race with" category (versus the "people we'd like to choke with an inner tube" category). Good luck in New Mexico Tony! (be sure to check out how Tony, his hotshot son, Drake, and all the Superfriends at LiveTrainRace.Com are faring in the MSC)

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  1. Aunt Jen, the riding looks beautiful out there. Some of that slick rock stuff looks pretty gnar, but also pretty fun.