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Monday, May 10, 2010

trail report for may 10, 2010: Kokopelli's recon

as part of our preparation for the upcoming Kokopelli's trail ride, Jen and i did some recon on a section that is often bypassed by the hurried horde and those who might be skeerd of a little bit of extra climbing and some "sandy" sections.
after riding this portion of the parcours for ourselves, we decided that it would indeed be a mistake to detour around Yellowjacket Canyon when we are on the pilgrimage next month.

the vast, open desert and a road to nowhere.
some music then, if you please:

plenty of the type of scenery that one would reasonably expect to find round these here parts.
and plenty of slickrock climbing, too.

remind me to put a bell on the ol' Moots singlespeed, wouldja?
'scuse me, please...

this image brings to mind of one of the old movie set backdrops that was all painted and lit up for the dramatic visual effects, with the actors and action on the stage in the foreground- not unlike the oldschool Star Trek style:

Capt. Kirk & co. beam down near the LaSalles...

looking towards Fisher valley with the snow-capped LaSalles in the background.

Jen climbs the slickrock towards the summit ...

and blasts through some easy downhill sand on the descent towards the river.

everywhere we looked, the desert was blooming. the air was perfumed with the scent of so many flowers, in addition to the standard background aromas from the junipers and sage.

legend has it that the outlaw Butch Cassidy frequently posted up near this very location.



  1. absolutely one of the coolest rides we've done in awhile- everytime I looked up the view was staggering. no singletrack, but lots of neat slickrock. just a great way to get away from the weekend crowds in you know where and you know where...

  2. The riding looks epic. Plus, I also got to see a few pictures of the climbs over at DC.

    Summer is drawing near!