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Sunday, May 9, 2010

NorCal Ride and Mother's Day Report, May 9, 2010

So this weekend was filled with some surprises, some progress, and... some furniture. Let's just summarize it quickly.

The week started off strong, and I was getting in 10-15miles almost every day. In fact, I was even gearing up for a ride with two friends from school, one of them on the local powerhouse junior team Tiene Duro.

What, might you ask, have I been riding on? Well, the owner of my local bike shop was very gracious in offering me a loaner bike for the months coming up to my adventure in Colorado. I was expecting to walk in and to be greeted with a nice, vintage gas pipe (which I would have been fine with, for the record). But, when I walked into the shop last Thursday, they pointed at a cherry-red 52cm Della Santa. Full Campy Centaur triple group, Columbus SLX. Yeah, I almost crapped myself.

(Excuse the bad image. I added the pedals, saddle [SLR XPs are really comfy!] and saddle bag.)

Long story short, yesterday I got in some original LOOK Delta Anatomic pedals and I was ready to replace the original, steel LOOKs that were already there. Anyway, the allen head in the pedal stripped, and my left hand went right into the chain ring.

(Finally got them on. Don't mind those battle scars near the BB bolt...)

So yeah, 4 stitches, a dorky brace, and 12-days-off-the-bike-to-come later:


Moving on. In light of my "accident (more like a stupid mistake)," I did happen to receive a very large package in the mail. Essentially everything needed to complete my brother's campus bike. Full RSX group, 7speed barcons, a reputable wheelset, etc.

So yeah, I've got all that goodness to look forward to. Mother's Day has been great so far. Had a big breakfast and then we moved our guest bed up from the downstairs for the brother's upcoming ACL reconstruction. Lucky him.

But the message that I really want to get through in this post is that Spring is finally here, and thus it is time to get out there and tear up some trails or the road (as once said, "Whatever your flavor, neighbor"). Just get out there and ride, and take it all in before the hot Summer.

And with that, I'm off to grab some grub and clean some bike parts. Keep the rubber side down, AYC patron.


  1. wow- that's a lot of bling, bling! good for you! keep piling on those miles. bummer about the finger- however, this healthcare professional fails to see why you would be off the bike for 12 days because of 4 stitches (recall leipheimer riding the better part of the Tour de California last year with a fractured back and he's clearly no worse for the wear).
    The mother's day garden is beautiful!! xo, jen

  2. Yeah, I'm having trouble understanding it as well. The guy told me that since it's right on my knucle, bending it might pop a stitch and, as a cyclist himself, he said he doesn't want me to brake with that hand. But, I feel like if I let it heal for a few days, and brace it, I'll be able to ride with it.

  3. well, that is a good point. being able to safely brake is a good thing- especially in your hilly neck of the woods. i think you have the righ idea- give the healing a headstart before you get too crazy. enjoy that fancy bike and the spring weather!

  4. steel is real. word.

    p.s. i think that you are probably closer to a 56 than a 52 at this point... but whatever, man. better a sore back than no ride-ee