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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report May 19, 2010

Finally got new tires for the Eriksen 650B. The last couple of weeks have been a little grueling hitting the single track with treadbare slicks, but 650B tires are not as easy to come by as one might expect (even here in mountain bike central). The 9er phenom has the entire industry in a lather and falling over each other to get a full production line in place- there is little room for yet another wheel size in the line-up (at least this is what one of the DT Swiss guys told me when I asked him if a 650B carbon wheel set was on the horizon).

So, Dave and I made a pilgrimage to the center of the known 650B universe- none other than Eriksen Cycles in da' boat. While we drank a birthday beer in honor of the man himself we took a lengthy straw poll on who is rolling which tire and left with my new Racing Ralphs. What a great collection of bike geeks Kent and Katie have amassed- super smart, super funny and spectacularly talented (just like they are). Have I told you recently how much I LOVE my bike?

The torrential rains last Saturday have buffed up the trails nicely. The sandy stretches in Rabbit Valley are sandy as ever, but infinitely more rideable with a little moisture. There are actually a few standing puddles at 18 Rd. A little cloud cover has helped keep it cool. All in all the riding is tremendous and the crowds are thinning.
These are the flowers I saw today out in the crazy green spring desert. All this moisture has its benefits (try not to get hung up anticipating the abundance of bugs we can look forward to (-: ).

This spring I am enjoying more and more rides that take me somewhere to see something new and away from the habitrail of singletrack loops. I went today to explore the stretch of the Kokopelli trail joining Loma and Rabbit Valley- All single track on the Loma side of the River and mostly jeep road on the Rabbit Valley side with completely otherwordly views all within ear shot of the I-70.

Saw quite a few moto-trailers at the trailhead and was forced to sneer at a couple dirtbikers doing circles in the parking lot- but only saw 3motos on the trail. These folks all had little dogs in baskets mounted on their 4wheelers and I watched them stop and dismount more than once to collect garbage tangled in the sage brush. Thanks for the reminder that no matter how we roll, most of us love this wild landscape!

I am recommitted to bringing at least one piece of trail garbage back from every ride this summer
- don't let me find your stupid GOO packet out there, because I will slap you with it. Peace.

1 comment:

  1. It looks beautiful out there. I'm excited for some challenges this summer. My conditioning is really taking place on long rides on the road, but I do want to get in some solid mountain rides in the coming weeks.

    650b mountain tires are that hard to find? That's surprising considering all of the fixie riders out here with a 650 in the front, and a 700 in the back. *sigh* Hipsters... :-)