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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AMGEN TOC, Stages 1-3

Well, just as an update, yesterday, the weather was a bit undecided, so I passed on my 10mile ride. The stitches come out Friday, but I've been riding anyway with my brace cinched up and I've been taking extra care to remember to clip out at stop signs instead of falling square on my side like the ultimate roadie "poseur" (term stolen from somebody in the cycling club). Now, if only I could get rid of these Cat5 chainring marks. Alright, now I'm done with my tangent.

The Tour de California kicked off on Sunday with Stage 1 leading from Nevada City to Sacramento, a total of around 168km. It was quickly seen that the local boy, Paul Mach (alumni of the UC Davis team, and still a resident in local Davis, CA), would be leading the breakaway through most of the stage.

(OK, Mr. Casual Observer, you got me, this is Mach in the Nevada City Classic of 2009)

However, as most of these things go, the breakaway leading all day got scooped up in the final kilometers before hitting Sacramento. In the end, just as we saw in the last stage of the Tour de France, HTC just pulled it together in the front for ol' Mark.

(Just as he promised, Mark Cavendish took the first stage)

Now, as for these next two stages. I didn't catch the second one on the ol' TeeVee, but I know for a fact that it was misery out there. The sporadic downfalls down here near the bay were also a sign of the weather up North in Stage 2 from Davis to Santa Rosa. I know for a fact that this stage is probably the most challenging, as it's full of climbs (the steepest and longest being Howell Mountain) and if there's any rain at all in Santa Rosa, there's a lot of rain. The stage came in around 176km, with the winner being Brett Lancaster from the Cervelo Test Team.

(Lancaster: Dude, that sucked. Sagan: Yeah, it's a little damp out here)

Now, I did indeed make a point of having Stage 3 recorded (well, my Dad did...), so I still have to watch that this evening. But, a quick summary includes the winner -- Dave Zabriskie of Garmin Slipstream -- holding off his breakaway partners (Levi Leipheimer and Mick Rogers) in a dramatic (and slightly scandalous due to the fact that he never pulled up Boony) finish of the 182km stage from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. According to VeloNews, the group broke off from the less-soggy-today pelican on the Bonny Doon climb right outside of Santa Cruz.

("I'm a winner," exclaimed Zabriskie after his solid win today. OK, not really, but he was happy with his form)

So, that's a wrap for the last three stages. The current leader of the pack is Brett Lancaster, with an overall time of 8hours, 43minutes, and 24seconds. I'll be unable to view any of the stages up close and personal, as all stages occur during school hours or are too far of a trip, but stay tuned for updates and make sure to get out and ride some, too.

Oh, also, of course all the photo credit goes to Ken Conley. Keep the rubber side down, AYC patron!

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  1. those of us with no television say- thanks for the recap! really is too bad you did not get to catch any of the Nor Cal stages in person. Of course, there is always next year!