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Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Two Hours"

It's really a wonder what one can accomplish in two hours. It seems almost as if this whole weekend has gone by in two hours segments for me.

Two hours is all it took me to dig up four beds of overgrown plants and weed around an entire house. Those two hours made that older neighbor ecstatic.

Two hours is how long it took me to write the research portion of my latest literary analysis with time left over to do some hill repeats.

But most importantly, two hours is all it took for our hike and my ride today. Two hours out of our day was all it took for us to get out, have some fun, and tire out a very peppy pup. The weather is beautiful out here, and I'm sure out in Fruita too.

So I urge you to get out for two hours today and ride on that trail that you've been apprehensive about. Destroy that 10 miles hike that you've been wanting to go on. Or, just go outside with a book and zone out into your reading.

In the words of littlejar from DC, "I’m in love with the ride, every time." Today, I'm love with the day. Get out there, AYC patron, and keep the rubber side down.


  1. nice post, Grasshoppah... music to my ears.

    you are starting to get the idea, Danny- make the most of the time you have... then you can slack with your feet up in a guilt-free manner, thus maximizing your recovery efforts.
    in two hours after work i can do 40+ on my road bike by myself or 50+ in the pelican. Jen and i can also destroy a lot of single track miles, too.
    best of all, those two quality hours simmer down the aggro and make for a lot of happytime afterwards. keep up the good work.

  2. I can drink a lot of coffee and contemplate a lot of life in 2 hrs down here in Fresno. Beer, too.

  3. yeah- 2hours is a lot of good quality time alright- on the bike, on the couch, on the beach, even in the library. A sweet, zenlike way to approach a day. Far too many people you meet will see it very, very differently- they will be convinced there just isn't enough time tog et around to the good stuff. They are wrong. There are always 2hours to get after it!