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Monday, April 26, 2010

Rabbit Valley Rally 2010 postscript

A couple of my favorite pics from Sunday.

This Krazy Kat (aka Darin Binion) from I dunno rocked this ride single speed stylee from start to finish bumping the tunes from his backpack boombox, with the perma-grin of a man loving the ride. Thanks, dude, for keeping it real!

Jordan rocks the Rabbit Valley Rally Fruita Stylee- representing the LBS and upholding a great Fruita Monument High School legacy of outstanding cyclists (this would be the ALMA MATER of Ross Schnell, afterall). These local kids fear no bike and grow up on the trails a lot us travel a long, long way to ride. Single speed, hardtail, flat pedals and pink socks- cause we love the ride and that's how we roll.

After a race as physically and mentally demanding as this I am left thinking about how much joy certain folks exude when they ride as hard as they can sorrounded by other people riding as hard as they can. These are the folks we look for when we ride and when we race. You see them in all of our pictures. See The Meister's post from Race Day for more pics of our favorite hardcores!

And, there are the ones we didn't capture on film- the folks whose "DNF" in the standings means, I stopped to walk a junior rider who had bonked safely off the single track ledge or I stopped and abandoned my bike to hike a badly injured competitor cross country, up a boulder field to the nearest moto-access because that is what we do when we love the ride. We saw you out there and you ROCK!

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