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Friday, April 23, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for April 23rd, 2010

First, a little blast from the past- documentation of my very first rigid, singlespeed, 29 inch, flat pedal April assault on Zippity (april 2005, that is). I loved that rig because it was so reminescent of the bikes we first stripped down back in the day to cowboy the fire trails in the Santa Cruz mountains - ah, the day...

Meanwhile, back to April, 2010:
you may recall a few weeks ago I busted into the LBS and pronounced that Primecut, Joe's Ridge and Zippity were riding the absolute best they ever could- yesterday, I was proven wrong. The Wednesday night rain set up the 18 Road single track into unprecedented super fast tacky bliss. Genuinely, the best conditions a gal could hope for...
And, as expected, it is a sketchy Friday. Dark clouds are hovering low with a bit of random squall activity and temps haven't cleared 60. I would strongly recommend against getting too far from the trailhead at the 18 or Rabbit Valley lest you meet the mud. In fact, if I were to go out today, I would suck it up with the masses on the rocks @ Loma and leave the clay for another day.

The flocks are setting up camp all around the valley and getting after it. Given the dismal Front Range and mountain forecast, I expect their ranks to swell mightily. Good thing there is so much good cycling fun in store to greet the hinterland refugee masses. Tomorrow starts both the Ranchstyle huckin extravaganza sponsored by Grassroots Cycles and the Rabbit Valley Rally MSC Race (and rumor has it that (*deleted*) may rock the Downhill @ at the Ranch in the fabled skinsuit and Mike 'the Hammer' Driver will be laying it down with the LTR posse out @ Rabbit Valley). The weekend forecast is good and everything should be riding really well even if it rains tonight.

Finally- though I know I am a broken record preaching to the choir I cannot in good conscience fail to stress yet again the importance of riding THROUGH puddles on the trail and NOT around them. Aaarrgghh is all I had to say to those rolling back to the trailhead yesterday without mud on their bikes and shorts (but what I wanted to say, singletrack is only singletrack once- the genie cannot be put back in the bottle once it gets blown out- so try a little harder to preserve it, eh? Have a great ride!).

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