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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for March 13,2010

what a day to be out and about on 2 wheels! temps into the mid 50s (it's about fricking time), long periods of blue sky and good breezes to DRY THINGS OUT.

Valuable lessons re-learned today include: a) have a master link in your saddle bag- and a chain tool and b) after you have walked yourself all of the way back to the car, taken the bike in and had it repaired, take it on a real test ride before heading back out to the trail.

Hit Rustler's hard this morning, going for a personal best...dodging leashless dogs and 3 abreast hikers...in other words, just riding along, and yikes- broken chain, bent front derailleur, the whole shebang and only a CO2 cartridge, a benadryl and an inhaler in the saddle bag. Hiked it out, got down to the LBS and was dialed in pronto. But, instead of test riding as suggested by my friendly mechanic, I got caught up oggling the help as they test rode the rigs of other patrons- and ended up riding Rustler's and Mary's with a maladjusted and very spastic front derailleur. Try to listen to your mechanic-

(*deleted image*)

(*deleted image*)

(It's not about the bike...it's all about the kicks when you have reached this level of jack ass)

The initial ascent up Mary's as seen when one is walking back to the Rustler's Trailhead...

Trail ReportSo then...Lot's of bikes out there! Roadie Pelotons headed up the Monument, BMX kids tearing it up at the first races of the season and a very strong showing of MTBRs out at the Kokopelli Trailhead.
Rustler's is gorgeous and needs some good rider grooming to smooth out the bovine post holes.
Mary's is also lovely- still an out and back. (shocked and horrified to witness several riders make a point of riding around the 1 or 2 remaining puddles- but I guess we need to accept Mary's for the jeep road it is and that it will eventually be 40 feet wide).
Horsethief is beautilicious- all the way around.
Saw folks heading up Moore Fun, but I know from experience it is not a good choice right now. (Of course, they may have been doing recon for the reroute during the upcoming *a local trail building organization* trail work days!)
Have it from good sources that the Lunch Loops are looking more rideable than not this weekend and that the stuff on the 18Road is still too muddy (yes, even Kessel's) and it would be good if folks avoided that area for awhile.
Of course, it is meant to storm tonight and tomorrow...so things will change, but we are on a roll and it may be time to take the skis and snowboard out of the thule box.


  1. well one fly, that is something alright. we have heard a lot about these and dave did get to ride a really cool WWII Italian motorized bicycle last time we were in Cali. good luck! jen

  2. Awesome that you got out on the trails today. I'm still recovering from my sickness, but I managed to get some hill repeats in today. Maybe it's just my built up energy from a week and a half off the bike, but getting up the hill didn't even get me breathing heavily today...

    Hmm. Could this be fitness?! Yessss! Maybe not Kokopelli-ready, but I can feel it getting there.

    Also, I might call up the bikemaster tomorrow evening with updates if time warrants it.

    Keep the rubber side down! :)

  3. fitness is good! yuck- I hate coming back after a week and a half...glad to hear it went well today. Hill repeats are a good thing- try to sneak a real ride in to feed your spirit though (ie. out and about seeing birds and all that good stuff!).
    Keep it up and you will be ready for Kokopelli! jen