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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for March 9,2010

so the 18 road is more buff than I have ever seen it- (and I do mean the 18 road) the trails are little different story, but soon, very soon they will be ready for our riding pleasure. Got home from work this evening and just about lost my mind thinking of another hour on the rollers, so I took the trusty 650b out to the end of the pavement on the 18 and pedalled as hard as I could to make it to the main parking area and back before dark. The dirt road was wet and tacky- perfect for a little resistance training. A few stretches a little more wet and tacky than I expected, but coming off the inspirational buzz of having just watched the excellent Leadville 100 documentary, "Race Across the Sky," I picked up the cadence, "dug deep" and hammered on. Needless to say, the recent rainstorms have cleared all of the snow I documented in my Sunday, February 28 trail report. BLM signage asks riders to refrain from riding the muddy trails- but I tell you what- this stuff is on the brink of ride ready, the brink I tell you! Will your bike be ready?


  1. You guys and your awesome trails.

    My legs are itching for a ride, and so am I. Gotta get over this cold first. This weekend is looking minty for a ride, and tomorrow will be my favorite training mechanism ever.

    Hill repeats! Yay...

  2. get after it grasshopper and find a copy of the Across the Sky video- so much to aspire to!