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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for March 6,2010

For this update I have done extensive recon out on the Kokopelli trails and Rabbit Valley. #1Rabbit Valley is under a foot of snow- 'nuf said. #2 the road west from the Kokopelli parking area is essentially impassable by car or bicycle (and, therefore, there is no way back to the main parking lot if one were to actually ride Mary's Loop- it goes without saying that Moore Fun is not happening).

Having said that, I will add that Mary's Loop is so darn close to being ready to ride it isn't funny. And, having said that, I'll let you know that the BLM has placed voluntary trail closure signs urging cyclists to stay off for now.

I have explored the trail to just beyond the hairpin turn by the perennially smelly puddle just past the map kiosk...pretty darn dippin' buff up to there and then the mud patches come fast and furious.

As you see, some have felt compelled to slog on. What part of 'stay off trails with standing water' and 'don't ride it if your tires leave tracks' are we not getting?

Yes, I've been known to duck many a rope in my day to get to a coveted stash the ski patrol thought we oughtta stay outta- but shredding up powder is very different and for now I really urge everyone to respect the BLM request. This is no time get all tea-party, mavericky, down with the governmenty and assert your inner freedom to do just what-the-hell ever you want on our public lands.
I have only praise for the tremendous collaborative effort put forth by the BLM, our local MTB Hall-O-Famers from *a local trail building organization* and other trail advocates to create and PRESERVE our epic trail system. They may remove the sign soon- 3 BLM trucks and a sherrif van loaded with orange vested "community servants" was headed in today as I left...presumably to get down to some hard manual labor. I doubt they got beer at the end like a *a local trail building organization* work day...

Ironically, there is no BLM sign down at Rustler's. Many knobby tire tracks out there- including this one left by Mr or Ms overly enthusiastic rider who lacks a passion for SINGLE track. Honestly, if you are so gung ho to ride when it is cold and damp and then go home and wash your bike, I would expect you would have the deep protective instinct of a true trail rider. If you are the one who left this set of tracks, drop a line and we'll send you your Darwin award (I'm sure you can see where the actual trail is well the left of the cow tracks). On a cheerier note, the trail was mostly beautiful and early springlike- mountain bluebirds, the sound of the Colorado filling up with snow melt, the smell of sage and a bevy of happy hikers making use of their public lands.

Bottom line is this- a very few trails are just becoming rideable and, if you have to go out, use your best stewardship manners. I predict it will be the equinox when we get to really get after it, but late next week we'll probably be able to get a good taste.

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