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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for March 21, 2010

the riding on Rustler's, Horsethief bench, Steve's and most of Mary's could not be better. well, there is some residual cow shit and divots in a few areas, but aside from these very minor nit-picks, i cannot remember a time when the trails actually looked and rode as nicely as they did today.

Mack Ridge is a no-go due to it's altitude and many north facing aspects. Moore Fun is still an out and back from the east end. this is also a great time to mention the hard work of the local *a local trail building organization* trail crews who threw down a massive re-aligmnent of Moore Fun yesterday and today.
i wasn't chained to the workstand at the shop today, so Jen and i went out to lend a hand. Kevin (trail boss) put me to work on finishing a couple of very technical, big rock moves because of my fastidious attention to detail, obsessive-compulsive tendencies as well as my mad masonry skillz, yo.
both sections turned out solid and rideable, but be forewarned: should there be any downhill side get-offs from these moves, you will most certainly feel the chomp of the "dragon's teeth"

Jen and i turned around at the far western end of Steve's where it meets up with Mary's again. we didn't opt for the return on the frontage road as we were unsure of (and still are) the conditions farther up the wash. besides, we prefer to hog up the singletrack whenever we can, and it's much more enjoyable to get back to the trailhead by that route.
this western area is still showing a lot of saturation and there is still snow in the shaded areas, even at that low elevation. anyone with more beta on the frontage road return is asked to comment here. the mud was impassible with anything less than a full-on monster truck a couple of weeks ago.

speaking of mud, that is the report from the 18 road. there are limited sections (Prime Cut for example) that are rideable, but the report on the ground from ranger Wayne of the local BLM is a big N-O for at least a week to 10 days (i spoke with him on Saturday) of beautiful weather such as what we suffered here today.
please don't think that just because some of Kessel's looks rideable means that the rest of it (or the other trails in that area) is o.k.- there's lots of other stuff opening up all the time, including in the Rabbit Valley area.

and to conclude this evening's report, i would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Vernal Equinox.
you know, when the earth has tilted over and the northern hemisphere is officially halfway back to summertime mode again? i saw one of these green-collared lizards when we were out riding today, and that is most certainly a sign of the Vernal Equnox and the arrival of spring.

this paticular yearly event is not to be confused with the alternative music festival held in the eastern Utah town that bears the same name, just in case ya didn't know that already.

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