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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fruita, usa trail & pave report for March 24, 2010

Dave has been blasting up the Monument on his lunch breaks this week to rev up for the Mad Cow Classic this weekend and I have been doing sprint laps on Rustler's, Mary's and Kessels's in the hour between work and dark- yep, it's the season to get out and ride with intent.

Rained hard Monday night and a lot of the day Tuesday. Unfortunate for the eager beavers camped out on the 18, but good for setting up the trails to handle the incoming masses. Apparently the pavement up the west side of the monument has finally been swept improving the roadie experience tremendously.

All-in-all lots of cycling goodness going on in Fruita right now (versus 20 inches of cold, wet sloppiness going on down on the Front Range- sorry guys, we have SO been there).

Went to an early season bike symposium this evening hosted by the LIVETRAINRACE crowd in anticipation of the Wednesday Night Criterium Series starting next week. Heard from Mesa State physiatry guru, Steve Murray, about 'training from the heart' so as not to lose one's love of the ride or burn out before your big event. Heard from Dr Price of Rocky Mountain Orthopedics about the nuts and bolts of getting strong and staying strong (and the dude who ate sticks of butter to win the bike race to the North Pole). Had a demonstration of the Laser guided bike fit system in use at John Weinreth's Bicycle Studio. DT Swiss sent smartypants Paul over to awe us with their new carbon fiber wheel sets (and remind us with a smile that you can shave time with precision training, or with a whole lot of cash). A good scene and a sure sign that Mesa County is all about the bike...(see below)

The riding will be great this weekend- depending on (or in spite of) the weather. Try to catch the Mad Cow Classic TT up the monument Saturday AM - followed by a criterium that evening and a road race sunday. Lend a hand (or send some dollars) to *a local trail building organization* and the Tamarisk Coalition doing Tamarisk removal on Saturday to prepare for the new Fruita Bike Park. Check out the BMX races Friday evening and Sunday.
And, most of all- RIDE FOR THE LIFE OF YOU MAN!

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