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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what our friends are reading

looks like our Fresno bro Dave King has been reading at least one of the other cycling blogs lately and seeking advice from an oldschool master. i guess he's probably getting a bit nervous about the great 1st annual South Routt Velosport Kokopelli's Trail tour coming up in June... as well he should be.
hopefully, not nearly as nervous as the young apprentice is getting.

just putting a little bit of fear into you guys- and maybe a bit of motivation too. fair warning to all: Jen will be dealing with the laggers and time-stallers with a stern countenance and her laser beam-equipped hydration pack. there ain't no broom wagon haulin' the tired and wounded on this ride, there will be nowhere to hide.

one last word of advice: stay off the skiis and stay on the bikes. it's time to ride.


  1. Ohnoes! Not the laser beams!

    But, in all seriousness, training must commence. It already has on this front, but slowly.

    ...yet surely.

  2. laughter and slacker-ness in the wintertime will surely become bitter wails of anguish and despair, echoing off the red-rock canyon walls come june.
    ramp it up, grasshoppah. the ants of the desert are waiting to gnaw the shriveled, dehydrated flesh off those who are foolish enough to solo off the back of the bunch.