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Friday, February 19, 2010

Fruita, usa trail report for friday feb. 19, 2010

o.k. all you mountain bikers, here it is: you still need to be patient. it rained all day today and the ground is saturated and snow covered in many areas. that means the trails are still snow covered in many areas, too. you don't need to be the first one to go find that out for yourself and leave wheel ruts that will last until next winter and beyond.
trust a local who knows what the current conditions are. temps have been in the high 30's and low 40's and the snow IS melting, but not all that quickly because we have had a lot of it this year and plenty of days of sub-freezing temps to keep it on the ground.
what i can say with great certainty is that the desert will be beautiful this spring, probably even more so than last year. (check some of my previous entries for the photos of what it looks like when it's all green and flowering out there...)

i would also like to take this opportunity to encourage all of the MTB "hardcores" who don't have a roadbike to get one. at least you will be riding something in the wintertime and getting some fresh air, sunshine and endorphins. stimulate the economy a little bit, diversify your cycling portfolio in a bold, new direction, and support your LBS while you're at it, too.
and i promise that all of us tight-clothes hardcore roadies won't laugh at you when your baggies are flappin' in the wind, either.

UPDATE: 11 p.m. friday the 19th... the latest head-out-the-window weather observation: steady rain has been falling for most of the evening and is still doing so at this time.
that is a good thing, indeed.


  1. i fully concur...patience, people, patience. snowy trails are a hoot to ride when the ground is FROZEN- but a crime to ride when the ground is wet and muddy. Love our trails like they were yer very own. Please.
    But- get out and start riding whatever you've got on the pavement! The sound of the wheels going round and smells of impending spring will do you good. Mr Bikemeister WILL too laugh at your baggies flapping in the breeze- but at least you'll be out and about sucking on endorphins and enjoying the thaw on 2 wheels.

  2. Hey, my baggies get less laughs than my bibs alone! =P (I swear it's just the area)

    Also, I sense an emptying of my wallet on the horizon. In a good way. Expect that tomorrow or Saturday, Bikemaster.

    Hill repeats were today, ride is tomorrow. Maybe I can get back out to Oyster Point.

  3. don't worry, Danny. no one will laugh when those skinny bird-legs get pumped up with some muscle.
    until that happens, the baggies provide and extra element of wind resistance, thereby increasing strength and power output.